19 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 10 with or without laces

How to Dress like a sexy scene girl

This video explains to women how to dress scene. It is important to not look like a prep or Goth. To start off, wear very tight pants or just tights. If you wear tights, you must wear a tutu. For shoes, you may wear flats. An example of flats are ballerina shoes. Slip on Vann’s and canvas Converse (with or without laces) are also scene. When choosing your shirts, wear very tight rock band t shirts with a metallic sheen, leopard prints, or polka dots. Cartoon t shirts are also acceptable. Wide stud belts are good and so are Jordan Retro 10 plain white belts. Over sized sunglasses and pearl necklaces are a must.

So you into Emo music and are looking to dress the part? Look no further! EmoWorldTV shows you a few simple steps to make yourself totally Scene. Scene girls are unique, cute and always check their Air Jordan 16s MySpace pages. So, get out your makeup, your digital camera and some scissors and start styling yourself Scene.

To be a REAL Scene girl you must not just look the part you must BE the part, otherwise you will just come off as a total poser. To be a true Scene Girl follow the 3 steps outlined in this video. Keep in mind that you must also act and think Scene not just act the part otherwise you.

You don need to be a guy to dress up as a drag queen. The very, er, diva esque look can be achieved by girls as well if you trying to have a little fun this Halloween.

Dress up as a girl dressed up as a guy dressed up as a girl Dracula by checking out this Air Jordan 10 makeup tutorial.

Sexiness is all KOBE 9 a state of mind, and while some pieces of clothing (perhaps dresses with large cutouts or strategically placed zippers) walk the fine line between sexy and trashy, the difference is that sexy hints at what underneath while slutty gives it all away.

After all, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Watch this episode of The Style Diet to learn how to make sure you don cross that fine line into trashiness when you going out. It definitely possible to look both sexy and elegant (think Angelina Jolie).

While Halloween offers ample opportunity for people to dress up in their craziest attire and not have others give them a second look, let face it: for many girls in their 20 Halloween is the one day of the year they can dress up like streetwalkers and get away with it.

While we seriously go crazy if we saw another sexy cop or sexy firefighter costume, we do dig the forest fairy/nymph look. If you planning to go the more pretty route of minimal clothing this year, check out this makeup tutorial for creating an enchanting forest fairy Air Jordan Spizike makeup look.

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