19 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 10 tacky glue

: RUFIO COSTUME I have been making Halloween costumes for my brother for a few years now, and this years challenge was Rufio from the movie Hook.Supplies: Old pair of shoes, red felt, scissors, tacky Jordan Retro 10 glue, small foam brush, plate, binder clips, paper clips, electrical tape, safety pins and a stapler.To create the red shoes I applied pieces of red felt fabric to a pair of old shoes using a foam brush and tacky glue. I used the seams of the shoe as a guide of what shape to cut each piece of fabric, leaving extra that I could trim off later. I added binder Air Jordan Spizike and paper clips around the edges to keep the fabric from lifting up.I used an oversized piece of felt for Jordan 10 Retro the toe area so I could safety pin the fabric closed at the bottom. This helped mold the fabric around the toe and kept the fabric from puckering.I let the glue dry for 24 hours. Then used Air Jordan 2s scissors to trim all the excess felt from the shoe. I added electrical tape around the sole to cover up the felt edges Nike LeBron 12 and used a few staples to secure the tape from lifting up. I used an awl to poke holes through the felt for the laces to slide through.

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