19 Mar 2015

Jordan Pro Strong How to tie your Ghillies easily

The most common and attractive color for it is black however designer and manufacturers make different colored like red, green and white as per dressing sense. Women wear black one in Irish or Highland dancing. They are similar to like ballet shoes but there are some differences between them. Ghillies use laces to tie while elastic is used to tie ballet shoes Jordan Pro Strong with ankle. Another difference is that Ghillie does not have any elastic/string to tighten them. The soles of it is not only stitched on but also a glue on.

How to tie your Ghillies easily:

If you have a Ghillies and Air Jordan 2011 do not know how to tie up then here are some steps that teach you how to lace Nike LeBron 12 your soft shoes. This is somehow different to tie as we normally lace our normal shoes.

Step 1: Put left Ghillie shoes as toe of it facing toward you.

Step 2: Grab the right lace with your with your left hand left lace with your right hand to make a criss cross pattern. A loop is generated and on either side of the ankle of your Ghillies and one loop back.

Step 3: pass the lace in your left hand through the cringle (loop) of your ankle. Pass the lace in your right hand through the loop on the right side of your ankle. Pass both laces on opposite side and wrapped over you ankle through loop in the back.

Step 4: Same as previous step wrap the laces around your foot ankle second time then bind a small arc at the front side of the foot using double knot.

Step 5: For the right shoes repeat above 4 steps with your right Ghillie shoe.

The above 5 step are useful for the tie a lace of your lest shoes and really make you feel of Touch of Ireland. Tying in the perfect manner make dancers confident and do not have any kind of risk to fallen off due loose tie. However, different dancers use different ways to lace shoes as per their comfort and dance style. One method is to Air Jordan 18s wrap laces around you shin in criss cross fashion and another one is to enclose the additional laces around the KOBE 9 pump at arch and bind on top of your foot but this one is not recommended because it restricts the physique of the leg and can harm the feet in the long term.

So, it is necessary to tie your shoes in a perfect manner because you may get harm in long term if you don’t wear as per its own criteria. The above 5 steps are very easy and once you got how to wear and tie Irish Ghillies then no need of parents to tighten them.

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