19 Mar 2015

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Tyrone Hogan aOlernKienOP
Enjoy Big Discount Grape 5s was a bit of a jerk: After choking a bus passenger and stealing his shoes, Hogan hijacked a vehicle aOlernKienOP
Real Air Jordan 3 Wolf Grey while a woman was still inside it, then pushed her out of the moving car when she refused to hand over her purse. Because if you’re gonna commit one crime, you might as well commit all the crimes.

Realizing the cops were probably looking for the vehicle by now, Hogan pulled into a Hollywood gas station and attempted to steal a van, unaware aOlernKienOP
Order Online Cool Grey 9s that it contained some unexpected cargo .

Hogan had demanded money and keys from the driver, Nestor Bustillo, when the back door of the van opened and out burst aOlernKienOP
Buy Mens Playoffs 12s five young judo black belts. You see, Bustillo and his disciples had just finishing touring Hollywood teaching a self defense class and were probably eager to practice their art on something other than a bunch of bored housewives.

The team easily aOlernKienOP
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Store Online Cheap Orion 7s trying to get into the van.

One of the students later recalled: "The boys were punching him in the face and aOlernKienOP
Online Womens Bugs Bunny 8s I wanted to go around for a choke, to choke him out, but I didn’t want to risk getting punched in the head," so she just stood aside, figuring the guy was getting enough punishment. No, not really: ". aOlernKienOP
70% Off 2014 Sport Blue 14s so I started pounding him from the back."

We guess the lesson here is, if you’re gonna hijack someone’s car, stick to defenseless women and try to avoid the Power aOlernKienOP
Size 7 Cheap French Blue 7s Rangers.

Incidentally, this is what the "van" looked like.

Austin residents were enjoying a night on the town, drinking, dancing and doing aOlernKienOP
Buy Real Cheap Shoes Fear 3s a number of other things undeserving of being punched in the back of the head when Rashad Bobino, a former Texas linebacker, ran up and started punching people in the back of the head. Then he strolled away, satisfied with a job well done.

Football was a speed bump on the road to aOlernKienOP
Discount Black Toe 14s his true passion: punching people in the back of the head.

While everyone else was simply trying to register what the hell had just happened, one man took issue with the fact that one of the punched people happened to be a woman, went up to Bobino and let him know. Bobino allegedly responded with a profanity laced tirade that boiled down to, "A pox on you, sir. I will knock out anyone I want. And I will be knocking you out forthwith."

Special moves: Making bad predictions.

We should mention at this point that the man who stood up to Bobino was around 80 pounds lighter and two inches shorter than him, and was surrounded by a few guys defending the linebacker (in Texas, his ability to play football makes him a minor deity). To any bystander, the odds would have looked overwhelmingly against him, especially after an amused Bobino started swinging in his direction.

That’s when the man calmly took his shirt off, went after Bobino and knocked him aOlernKienOP
Sale Cheap Cool Grey 10s to the ground in front of everyone. No big talk, no gloating: "I aOlernKienOP
Real Womens Infrared 23 6s got the better of him and left," he said.

Oh, yeah, and it turns out the man aOlernKienOP
Order Cheap Shoes Barons 13s was Roger Huerta, a former UFC lightweight champion:

"Lightweight" being a relative term.

The sports media actually jumped on Huerta for a while when TMZ posted a video of the street fight . until they realized aOlernKienOP
Authentic Shoes Cool Grey 9s the woman puncher was a sportsman too and found a more deserving target in him.

Huerta says he did what he would expect any decent guy to do but the fact is, there were at least a dozen other "decent aOlernKienOP
Cheapest Doernbecher 4s guys" standing around, and no one moved a finger except Huerta, who acted like some badass street vigilante emerging from his secret identity. One look at him and we’ve come to the conclusion that he simply flexed his muscles and his shirt disintegrated into particles.

2. Supervillain Rules Over Chinatown

Sai Wing Mock was aOlernKienOP
Enjoy Big Discount Laney 5s a Chinese American gangster who ruled Chinatown in the early 1900s with his gang, aOlernKienOP
Buy Air Jordan 4 Green Glow the Hip Sing Tong (which sounds like Korean pop festival). He was also a pretty extravagant dude: One time, after a long gambling session, "he came back to New York with diamond studs blazing from his shirt front and $30,000 in his pockets." Adjusted for inflation, that’s the modern day equivalent of aOlernKienOP
Womens Shoes White Cement 4s super gluing a Ferrari to your crotch.

Being a well known criminal figure, Mock had to put up with the constant murder attempts that came with the title. During a typical attempt on his life, he would find himself surrounded by to which he reacted with all the caution and common sense of a character in a John Woo movie.

If today’s gangsters used aOlernKienOP
Order Mens Calvin Bailey 9s throwing axes, the war on drugs would be a hell of a lot more entertaining.

Since he was essentially a well dressed moving target, Mock always traveled This was apparently more about looking cool than anything, since the guy didn’t really give much of a damn about his own safety: When attacked, he would react by running into the middle of the street, crouching down and firing his two revolvers at the same time. And with more hats.

While this method wasn’t exactly efficient when it came to actually hitting people with bullets, it did scare the crap out of the assassins sent after him, it seems in 30 years, he was shot only once.

Mock was known "Mock Duck," which makes him sound like a (possibly racist) Dick Tracy enemy. He was young (he took control of Chinatown in his early 20s), basically, a Chinese Marlo Stanfield.

Seriously, the only thing that could have made this guy more like a supervillain is if he had some insane distinguishing feature, like maybe long, lethal looking fingernails . which he totally did have.

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