19 Mar 2015

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Am I being naive to think that the majority of daycares out there have a no shoe policy? My DH and I seem to disagree the day care at my gym (bally total fitness) does not have a shoes off policy and my 14 month old is not yet walking. I made an appointment for her for tomorrow morning but there will be 3 other little kids in the daycare also with there shoes on . DH thinks it is fine for an hour and I think it is not fine to be crawling with germs on the floor and who knows what chemicals from outside? So who is right here? Would you allow your infant in a day care that allows shoes? I have been a SAHM for 7 years so maybe I am a little naive?

Out of the 7 daycares that I worked in over the course of 13 years, only two had a “no shoes in the infant room policy”, and they were both run by the same woman. In these centers, teachers changed into slippers or indoor only shoes in the infant room, and the parents would just go stocking footed in the room, or wait at the door and the staff would collect the child and things for them.

I lived in a town with a HUGE Chemical factory at the time, and it was a cause for concern. In any other setting, I don’t think it would be big deal for me.

Honestly, when the infant room staff went to other areas of the building (ie, bathrooms, other classrooms, hallways, etc.) they wore their slippers, so while the contact was still minimal, it seems some of the stuff would get tracked in.

Oh, and our toddler/preschoolers were all allowed to take their shoes off to sleep (in every center I worked in but one), but they didn’t get off their cots without putting them back on. We did have fire drills and an actual incident, where we had kids outside with Air Jordan Spizike no shoes on, but life goes on and they all lived.

Our DD’s daycare had a no shoe policy for the infant room only. When parents dropped their children off they had to take off their shoes before entering the room. Obviously the babies weren’t walking or wearing shoes the teachers wore bootie socks in the room. The toddler room (12 24mos) and parents were allowed to wear shoes into the room and the child was required to wear shoes. No taking them off at nap time either. I believe it had to do with fire safety in case the building needed to be evacuated. With the infant Air Jordan 12s room not wearing shoes wasn’t an issue because their evacuation plan called for putting all the babies into a few cribs and rolling the cribs out of the building. The infant just kept their shoes right by the door.

I have three different experiences.

Home daycare where my kids went as infants: shoes were off and on at different times. It varied by kid, season, and time of day

Preschool where they are now (ages 1 and 4): everyone wears slippers/indoor shoes inside, including teachers. They do not have carpet except in the toddler classroom and try to keep their floors reasonably clean (dirt free) so that children can do their work Air Jordan 17s on mats on the floor. I love it.

Gym child center: They have to wear socks. It must be socks, not shoes, not barefoot. I think theyt do that so little hands don’t get stepped Air Jordan 20s on and to keep mud out.

I like having shoes off because we do at home, too and I just don’t think it is great for children to wear hard soled shoes all day, but I certianly wouldn’t hesitate a few hours a week someplace that required shoes. I guess I wouldn’t freak out about ‘outside germs’ because I let me kids crawl around in grass, dirt, and on cement outside KOBE 9 at home, other people’s yards, and at parks all the time. What’s the difference?

I’m not saying this to offend anyone, but I did hear that trying to keep your kid from being exposed to so many things actually encourages sickness. Once they go to public school/ other public place little bodies are so used to being protected that they get sick from just touching their own desk. By never exposing them to anything you’re not letting them build their immunities. Wouldn’t you rather have them exposed for an hour at a time now to build that imunity up than expose them for 6 hours on their first day of school?

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