19 Mar 2015

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Even Though I Only Sew Every Now and ThenLike many people, I do my sewing in spells. My mending pile and even my creative sewing pile can get larger and larger until suddenly KaBOOM! It’s time. Out comes the sewing machine, other tasks get ignored, and I am sewing up a storm.

What about you? Here, I will give reasons why a sewing machine is a really valuable household tool. There will be video tips on how to sew with a sewing machine and how to maintain your sewing machine in good condition. I’ll be asking you some questions you can answer to make this a more interactive page. Also, there will be a section on setting up your sewing area. I love easy sewing projects, so I will give you some links to things you can make quickly.

First, Get a Sewing Machine, or Get Yours Out of the Closet.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a new machine, an old machine, or one you borrowed from a friend or neighbor. To get back into sewing, just set the machine up, find a piece of fabric or something that needs mending, and start sewing. I find that whenever I get going on a sewing binge, one thing leads to another. Hmm, just writing this makes me want to start sewing right now.

I actually don’t recommend buying a new sewing machine if you have an old one. That is, it’s a great idea to do enough sewing with whatever you can get your hands on that you will know what you would really want in a sewing machine. Then when the time is Air Jordan Future ripe, you could get one or have someone give you one for your birthday or a holiday.

How My Viking Air Jordan 7s 6460 Sewing Machine Came Back to LifeThey couldn’t repair it at the shop, but it got fixed and I am happily using it now. Here’s a blog post about what happened.

How to Repair a Very Old Sewing Machine

My sewing machine wouldn’t work. Well, it would after a fashion. I could sew a straight stitch backwards. That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

If I Were Getting a New Sewing Machine Today I Would Take a Good Look at the Singer 9960The Singer 9960 could be called the best sewing machine at Amazon. It’s the top rated one as I write this, which means that people gave it the highest rating. I generally consider a number like this to mean more when there are a lot of reviews. When I was reading the ratings, a good number of people (more than fifty) had rated it and by far the majority had given it the most favorable rating possible.

So I took a good look myself. The manufacturer’s description mentions the computerized stitches, all 600 of them. Not sure how many I would ever use but it’s fun to have a lot of choice. It has several fonts too, for sewing words onto fabric. That got my creativie ideas going.

The automatic needle threader could be quite an improvement on the shut one eye and squint method I currently use. The drop in bobbin looks nice. And the automatic thread cutter and the speed control are enticing.

When I starting reading the reviews, I became even more sure that this would be my machine Air Jordan Fusion 4 of choice! So do take a look if you are curious.

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Bonus Accessories and Hard CoverA good choice whether you are a beginner, an advanced seamstress, or in between.

Something else to watch out for is that sometimes used machines will sell for more than you would have to pay for a similar brand new one at Amazon. So a little comparison shopping is worthwhile.

Still, sometimes you can get great deals on eBay. (Another possible place for deals on sewing machines is Craigslist if you know what you are doing and how to check out a sewing machine.)

By the way, this list automatically updates so everything you see should be available.

Easy Sewing Projects

I love to do easy sewing projects that I can get done relatively fast. Right now I’m about to make a new apron, using my old one as a pattern. I’ve even found a good fabric in my collection, so it’s just a matter of a little time.

Here are some resources around the web for finding good sewing projects that are easy, fast, and quite likely free.

Combine wool and cotton Air Jordan 1s in these easy scarves. These are simple sewing projects that will help you learn many sewing basics before moving on to more complicated sewing pa

Short directions for how to take a child’s drawing and turn it Nike Air Foamposite One into a stuffed animal. Hmm, could do this with any drawing!

Setting Up Your Sewing Area

Here you’ll see what I’ve done. I didn’t show you my dining table, but that is where I cut fabric. And my cardboard mat that I cut it on is in the hallway coat closet. So you could say that my sewing area is pretty much the whole house.

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