19 Mar 2015

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How Does Dog Clicker Training Work?

Acceptable behavior is marked by using a “clicker,” which is a mechanical device that makes a distinct “click” sound. This tool communicates to the dog, specifically when he is doing the acceptable behavior.

Dogs respond very well to dog clicker training because it is a form of communication that easy for them to understand when it is combined with positive reinforcement, and positive reinforcement is the key. It is an effective, safe, and humane way to teach your dog any behavior that he is mentally and physically able to perform.

“When an animal intentionally performs a behavior in order to bring about a desired consequence, as clicker trained animals do, they are learning in a way that researchers call “operant conditioning,” states Karen Pryor, Dog Clicker Training expert.

Researchers have found that by using punishment, instead of positive reinforcement, the results are often other types of unwanted behavior such as aggression. It is hard to predict what type of behavior will come from using punishment to control your dog.

Dog’s seem to perceive punishment as something with no meaning. They don’t understand what the circumstance was that provoked the punishment so it is a much less effective form of training. Many times the dog becomes intimidated through the fear it is experiencing and responds to that fear by the “fight or flight” syndrome, by either cowering or attacking.

Dog clicker training works because it helps to form a lasting bond between owner and dog, when the positive reinforcement is used, that makes the relationship stronger and more rewarding. The dog learns not to react out of habit, but instead respond to the sound of the clicker and the reward that comes with it. This is a much more effective and humane way of handling your dog.

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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

There is lousy dog training and there is effective positive training. So what makes dog training lousy and what makes positive training effective?

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Examples of Clicker TrainingThese videos will show you how easy and effective clicker training can be.

An excerpt from Clicking with Your Dog: Step by Step in Pictures, by Air Jordan 2 Peggy Tillman. “If you have permission to click in a non clicker class, it’s important for the instructor to tell you what they will teach at the next class. This will allow you to introduce your dog to the new skill in a gradual, positive way. Use the class to practice and refine the skill in a distracting location. If your dog doesn’t know the skill the class is working on, then work on a skill your dog knows. Train the new skill in small incremental steps at home.”

The lists of questions below will help you determine whether a dog clicker training class is a good fit for you and your dog or not. Be sure that you interview and observe the person that will actually be teaching your class.

Clicking With Your Dog: Step By Step in Pictures (Karen Pryor Clicker Books)

Note From Lensmaster:

Use these next two sets of questions as your check list guides to help you decide whether or not to hire a trainer.

10 Questions To Ask The Dog Clicker Training InstructorBefore you sign up, go over this check list to be sure you are getting Air Jordan 16s into a quality dog clicker training class.

What are the qualifications of Air Jordan 5s the person that will teach the class?Does the instructor require a choke, check, or slip collar? (These are used to correct Air Jordan 2010 a dog, and are required in correction based training classes.

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