19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 9s knees and kicks

“The Spider,” a nickname Silva is called, with a MMA record of 18 4 which includes 10 knockouts and three submissions, will be a tough boxer to beat and as he Air Jordan 9s enters this Saturday night matchup. Anderson Silva can beat you with any number of things whether it is with his kicks, flurry of punches, or with well timed submission holds. Silva is one of the strongest and most feared MMA fighters in UFC today. Silva has raw power and is a huge striker who can knock you out with his knees, feet or fists. Air Jordan 17s Anderson Silva, a Muay Thai boxer, is technically perfect. As a Muay Thai boxer he has impenetrable defense skills. His offensive style allows him to find any of his opponents holes or weakness and to fully exploit them.

In February at UFC 67 which was his last UFC fight Silva faced Travis Lutter. The UFC fight only lasted till the second round ending quickly, Silva who applied a triangle choke hold to Lutter and forced him to call it quits.

As a definite underdog Marquardt will enter this UFC Saturday night fight, although Silva will not be taking him too lightly. Marquardt and Silva match up quite well, because they both are well rounded fighters. Marquardt who can hold his own standing and throwing punches, knees and kicks, plus grappling on the mat if he Air Jordan 19s has to. Nate “The Great,” MMA’s career has the four knockouts and 15 submissions, that includes a 4 0 mark in the UFC. The former seven time middleweight king of Pancrase, Marquardt Air Jordan 12s has a lot of fighting experience versus some of the very best MMA fighters worldwide. Marquardt fighting style is a more laidback slow paced technique than Silva, and will have to change early on if he has a chance against the explosive champion Silva.

January was the last time Marquardt stepped into the octagon at UFC Fight Knights and went the distance against Dean Lister with an unanimous decision. That night Marquardt controlled the fight and sent Lister to the canvas several times. Marquardt was the aggressor from the first round to the last round and Lister really did not have a chance in this UFC fight.

Marquardt will have to fight aggressive like he did with Lister against Silva to have any chance to come away with this UFC title.

A technically perfect fighter, Silva is the closest thing that you Air Jordan 23s will ever see, and if Marquardt makes a simple mistake or lets his guard down for even a split second, “The Spider” will be all over him and be triumphant.

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