19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 8 Retro your belt blends with the outfit

Your career day outfit will speak volumes about your career goals and your motivation for coming to career day in the first place. If you are dressed casually, employers may see this as a sign that you are only mildly interested. If you choose dressier work clothes, such Air Jordan 8 Retro as dress slacks, a skirt, a tie and even a suit jacket, it will show that you are serious Air Jordan DMP about your job search, ready to commit and serious about doing well.

Think of every detail, including shoes, belts, briefcases and purses. Also consider your grooming. Make sure your hair is tidy, your hands and fingernails are clean and well groomed, and, if you have facial hair, it is neat. If you look well put together, not only will Air Jordan 13s you give potential employers a good impression of you, but you will also feel more confident. Maxx and Kohl’s. You can also borrow these pieces, because chances are, someone you know has a whole closet full of them.

The best way to dress for career day is to wear a suit and tie, if you have one available. If you do not have access to a suit, look as dressy as possible. Wear a pair of slacks with a matching sport coat, shirt and tie. If you are unable to wear a sport coat, wear the tie and dress shirt.

Make sure your shoes are polished and matching, your belt blends with the outfit, your tie Air Jordan 12s is neat and your clothing is well pressed. Shave or trim your beard or mustache before attending a career day. Get a haircut before, Air Jordan CDP if necessary. Trim your fingernails and apply lotion to your hands so they are smooth when you shake hands with the people you meet.

Women should also aim to wear a suit to a career day. You can wear a pantsuit, or a suit with a skirt as long as the skirt is of an appropriate length. If you do not have a suit, wear dress pants with a dressy shirt and blazer, or a knee length skirt with a blouse and blazer. If you do not have a blazer, find the most professional shirt and pants/skirt combination possible.

Carry a professional bag, and wear matching shoes that look professional as well. Wear your hair in a neat, hassle free style so you won’t have to constantly fuss over it or push it out of your eyes when talking to prospective employers.

You standing among hundreds of qualified candidates at a career fair trying to meet with a hiring professional and create an impression.

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