19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 3s What can you hear

20 to 24 monthsLet’s dance!Play favorite songs that could inspire your child to do specific actions with a loud, strong beat so he can stamp like an elephant, or something quiet so he can pretend he’s tiptoeing past a sleeping lion. Marching to music is also great fun and easy enough for most toddlers to manage. These games stretch his imagination and develop his Air Jordan 3s sense of rhythm.

Balloon funBalloons are great for indoor play move slowly enough to be chased and are relatively easy to catch. Blow one up and tap it gently into the air. Count how long it takes to float to the ground or let your toddler try to catch it. A good game for introducing numbers and counting and strengthening hand eye coordination.

Note of caution: Uninflated latex balloons are a serious choking hazard for children. So are balloons in broken pieces. Inflated balloons are okay, Air Jordan Spizike but supervise your toddler closely and take away broken pieces immediately if the balloon pops. If possible, choose mylar balloons instead.

What can you hear?Take a big towel or blanket out into the garden and lie down on it together. Ask your toddler to close his eyes and listen carefully. After a minute or so ask him what he could hear, and tell him what you heard wind in the trees, a bird singing, a car Air Jordan 19s driving past. This is a great game for helping your toddler develop his listening and descriptive skills.

Catch me if you canToddlers love to be chased. The object of Jordan Winterized 6 Rings this game is for your child to be caught, especially if she knows she gets a big bear hug and tickles every time you manage to catch her. For variety, pretend to be different types of animals, like a roaring lion or a scuttling mouse. A great game for building up your toddler’s stamina and yours!To the parents that seem to think it OK to make other parents feel that their child is somehow “behind” or not Air Jordan 2010 “good” enough because they aren doing certain things by a certain age you know who you are. And you know it was said in a snarky way. My child didn walk until 20 Months and people made me feel bad about it all the time. Every child does things at different times and it has nothing to do with their “abilities” or intelligence. Oh and I love how the person who said “who child doesn clap by 12 m?” Made their post anonymous!!!

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