19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2s see SketchUp pic for the middle “leg” measurements

: Shoe Tower a free standing, multi tier floating shoe rack Shoes take up a lot of space. This Air Jordan 2s is a known fact. I found a Sharpie was best for this. Thanks to the people that took inspiration from my ible and m.In a room as small as mine, space is valuable and the shoe pile that I used to maintain in one corner of my room often became unmanageable as the shoes spread out across my room and enveloped what little floor space I had.Not any more! With a combination of the Ikea floating shoe rack and some ideas of my own, I created this free standing shoe rack/tower which stores my shoes in an attractive way without the need for cardboard boxes or shelves. WIN!This design is easily expandable and the strength of the steel bars I used to support the shoes means it could easily be extended to house 3 pairs of shoes side by side. It would also be easy to build one which extended up higher to accommodate more shoes than I have.I entered this into the Homemade Christmas competition as I think it be a great gift for any of the disorganised people in your life.I hope you like it! Comment and rate please.pjdubber2 years agoReplyI finally got around to making this shoe rack and I expanded on it a bit. My total width was 3’6″ or 42″ or 1067mm (for you brits!) with an additional “leg” in the middle. I stained the wood, spray painted black enamel Air Jordan 2010 on all nuts, washers, and threaded steel (1/4″) and got some clear vinyl tubing (1/4″ inner diameter) to cover the threaded steel where it contacts the top of the shoe (not bottom). I tried to slide on the tubing but it was a bit too snug, so I sliced the tubing lengthwise and slipped it on. I also varied the spacing for each level and made the Air Jordan 11s top level two different sizes (see SketchUp pic for the middle “leg” measurements). Please feel free to use these pics in your final step and thank you very much for posting such a great idea!And yes, I did have to thread the nuts all the way to the middle leg! :peu4euh made it!3 months agoReplyHello, This idea for shoe storage has been something I have wanted to build for several years now. I just finished my own take on this idea. Air Jordan 14s I went with 2×4 lumber and dowels. The dowels are glued in place, in drilled out pocket holes. The 2×4 “legs” are joined with biscuit joints . I sanded the wood down to 400grit and stained the wood red Mahogany , then poly coated it. Making this , I learned that I should remove stray wood glue better before I stain the wood. I wiped the wood glue Air Jordan 6 Rings off with warm water and a rag but some must have still been on the wood. When I stained, I noticed after a few round dowel sized circles that did not take the stain well. Mine is 50″ across and can hold almost 20 pairs of shoes. This shoe shelf really cleaned up the mess that was my family’s pile of footwear at the front door of our house. Thank you for this good idea.

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