19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 20s How To Spot A Fake Designer Bag

No genuine bag will come with plastic anywhere on it. There will never be plastic protecting the hardware or handles on a genuine bag. Only the fakes are wrapped like that. Also Air Jordan 20s be sure the bags, boxes and dust bags they come with are the ones that the genuine stores use. Check online if you are unsure.

All these things can be used to determine if you have a Air Jordan 1s fake or genuine designer bag no matter what the brand is. Also check with the main web page of your designer of choice and see Air Jordan 8s if they have ever sold that type of bag in that color to be Air Jordan 14s sure you’re holding a genuine bag.

Lastly I would recommend you find a good forum or blog that you can ask questions Air Jordan 2 on, and get feedback from other people who are also looking for or buying discount designer bags. There are some dedicated to discussing fake and genuine bags and also authentication sites. Jump online and check them out!

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