19 Mar 2015

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State Sen. Michael Doherty says if tax money is used to build beaches destroyed by superstorm Sandy those beaches should be free to the public that paid for them. That uncommon logic and good sense.”I’ve long believed that the state’s beach tag system unfairly limits access to a public resource which has been the beneficiary of a great deal of state and federal investment,” Doherty said. New Jersey is the only place in the world that charges people to go Air Jordan 20s on public beaches. It a ripoff that needs to stop. If they can figure out how to run beaches without soaking Air Jordan 14s people, let them go to Florida, or Maryland, or Delaware or California or Mississippi or, well you get the idea, to see how everybody else manages it. It not brain surgery.

As usual in NJ, it is a matter of money. You can take the lifeguards off the beaches to save money. However, there is enough of a hue and cry now when there are drownings. If there were no lifeguards, then You could expect more fatalities and injuries. It would be curious to see how the law suits would play out over them.

The local beach towns should not be stuck with the costs of beach cleanups for visitors. If the beaches are to be free then the state should front the towns money for beach cleanup and maintenance. However, NJ never seems to have enough money for everything that should be done. During the last financial crisis, they were proposing to shut down state parks or reduce their hours. It would be curious to see what would happen, if the state were to try and reduce beach funding after declaring the beaches are free.

The big question is does the state do with the 30 Billion dollars it currently collects? We have had an income tax and a sales tax imposed on us. These were supposed to allow the state to funnel money back to the towns to make up for differences in tax bases. Lately the money seems to go to Trenton and then goes elsewhere. Many of these beach towns get little money back from the state and rely on property taxes for their expenses. Now your want to give them more expenses and less revenue.

I wouldn give you a plug nickel for the beaches (ocean) in NJ. I get back to that later.

The boardwalk is where it at, and you don have to pay a dime to get on it. No better boardwalk than Wildwood! Although, you can drink on Seaside and Atlantic city boardwalk.

NJ oceans are dead. About 12 years ago I went on the Cape May Ferry to Lewes. All I saw in the ocean was thousands of jelly fish. Then more recently, I heard on a science special that when there are lots of jelly fish blooms the ocean is dying in that area. Hmmmm. And have you ever smelled the Jersey Shore?

My beach I go to when I on my fishing trips has no smell or jellies. Oh, and it not in Jersey. Yet, I enjoy the boardwalk and this beach and state doesn have one.

I think this is a valid idea to consider, but maybe in 5 years, not now. Reason being: if the local towns keep at least a portion of the money collected from tag fees, and they also been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, then they will need this money to help with overall repair of the town. I pretty sure Governor Christie has already said that property taxes will probably go up in the towns that have suffered damage, so to hit them with taking away beach fees as well might not be the best idea right now. But consider it in 3 5 years? I think that fair.

My out of state friends (especially from NC) find it ridiculous about purchasing beach tags. As well, having a house on LBI, when my daughter want to go visit a friend, they have to purchase a tag for that town, when we have tags from a different town on the island. Kind of silly.

“Chris Christie: The Inside Story of His Rise to Power,” written by Bob Ingle Air Jordan Spizike and , offers the first inside portrait of New Jersey’s governor, who in two years as Air Jordan DMP governor emerged as a national Republican Party figure famous for his blunt public statements. Attorney for New Jersey. Chris Christie: The Inside Story of His Rise to Power goes behind the scenes to reveal his family life, his public life, and what the future might hold.

“The Soprano State,” written by Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure, details the you couldn’t make this up true story of the corruption that has pervaded New Jersey politics, government, and business for the past thirty years. From Jimmy Hoffa purportedly being buried somewhere beneath the end zone in Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands, through allegations of a thoroughly corrupt medical and dental university, through Mafia influence at all levels, to a governor who suddenly declares himself a “gay American” and resigns, the Garden State might indeed be better named after the HBO mobsters.

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Ned: She is qualified to officiate any BPU tennis tournaments.

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Alex Hamilton: Can she bring down my ever increasing water bill? And can she help with my backhand? If she can, than.

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