19 Mar 2015

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Molineux could be renamed to generate multi million pound funds to fund the redevelopment of Wolves’ ground.

Club chairman Steve Morgan insists ‘Molineux’ will remain in the title, but the board are considering sponsorship to help Air Jordan 2011 finance the development.

He said: “It’s possible it could become the ‘Something’ Molineux Stadium. Emirates are paying Arsenal about 50million over 15 years and, if we get serious sponsorship, it would be idiotic not to consider it.”

Molineux has been Wolves’ home since 1889. While many clubs have introduced new names when they have moved stadiums, only Bradford City and Leyton Orient have renamed their traditional grounds.

Morgan also revealed the club was exploring the possibility of leasing part of the ground to generate funds. Wolves currently hold a 125 year lease from Wolverhampton City Council on the ground.

He said: “We’re talking to an occupier who wants to lease part of the stadium and that would give us significant revenue.

“That would be at least a 15 year rent and would be a catalyst for stage one of our redevelopment, irrespective of whether we win promotion.

“The redevelopment work will be done incrementally, because the last thing I’d want is a 35 40,000 stadium and have it half full.

“The capacity would probably increase by 2 3,000 each time we did a stand.”

Morgan added that Wolves were unlikely to move to a new ground.

He said: “There are no obvious replacements unless you go the edge of the city. Transport communications are good, with parking and public transport, and we benefit the city economy.

“Molineux is the right place but it’s not without problems when it comes to redevelopment.”

The ground’s current capacity stands at 28,576, but the board are considering extending that figure to 40,000, as and when Wolves are promoted to the Premier League.

Redevelopment plans should be made public within two months. Morgan promised fans great care would be placed on stadium appearance.

He said: “I’m a builder, so construction is close to my heart,. There will be great consideration and I always want Molineux to look a great stadium.”

Previous owner Sir Jack Hayward paid for the previous redevelopment of Molineux, which saw three new stands built between 1991 94 at a cost of around 20million.

Morgan was talking to supporters at the Fans’ Parliament at Molineux.

Not really sure how to take this, to be honest. We haven yet properly develloped the team so why are we thinking, yet again, about re developing the ground?

How many here remember how long the now “Steve Bull” stand stood empty after it was built?

Build the team, take the success, get the fans queing at the gates hoping to get in THEN re develop the ground supply and demand.

As for changing the name of the ground it will ALWAYS be the MOL to me and many others, whatever they choose to call it. Hey, the REAL fans know the REAL name!!I like steve Morgan, i think he has a vision and it not all about profit for him.

I also think that his heart will never really “be in” wolves, although of course he would never admit such a thing.

From his point of view its a great thing to do. expand the stadium and let someone else pay for it (think anyone would sponsor the extension on my house?).

I can see where this is going. Morgan has to keep the club for 5 years or so, and invest 30million.

He then flogs the club to someone for xxx Air Jordan 10s million and suddenly he made xxx million profit. and got rid of that nagging itch to own a football club. Let not forget that he drop wolves in a heart beat if liverpool ever Air Jordan 14s came up for sale.

Keep smiling, the future bright. the future is fanta orange.

Unusually for this esteemed tome, rather too much emphasis has been placed on what was quite literally one sentence in a three hour discussion. I can understand the need to stir up a bit of controversy in order to rescue flagging sales, but the viewers of this site should by now be keenly Nike Air Foamposite One aware of the agenda behind the reporting. Many other things were mentioned in the same fashion, but it’s obviously more difficult to get the fans worked up with statements on the commitment to the academy, the ongoing maintenance and improvements to the stadium, the plans to have both North and South Banks home only if and when corners are filled. The report says the “board are considering extending that figure to 40,000” when talking about Air Jordan Fusion 5 the capacity; in actual fact Jez revealed that the incremental increases would mean that final capacity is ‘the last question’ deal with when planning any rebuild of the ground; there is certainly no ‘target’ when it comes to capacity. They also fail to mention the timelines involved, with would be considerable, again, as was covered in the meeting, yet not in this ‘report’. More great work, from the Guess and Star.

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