19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2010 Long Lake Trail Hike

The Wicked Web of Food Chains

Food chains are important in biology, because they show how energy passes through all living things from one to another. Build a food pyramid. Connect the food webs of wildlife. Discover why being at the top of the food chain can lead Air Jordan 2010 to bioaccumulation. Meet at the Greenwing Legacy Interpretive Centre. Please note that regular park admission fees apply. Sponsored by NS Department of Natural Resources.

Often called a graceful art form, fly fishing can be an enjoyable lifetime pursuit. Participants will learn the fundamentals of fly casting, rods, reels, line selection and the equipment needed to get started. Come join fly fishing expert, Brian Gilbert and associates, as we practice casting and try to encourage a fish to come to our fly. Dress to be in the river! Please bring along your own fly rod and reel if you have one as rods are in short supply. Bring a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, water and snacks. Meet at the swimming hole in Birch Air Jordan CDP Loop. Sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources.

Long Lake Trail Hike

Join the Dartmouth Volksmarch Club for a 10 km hike. This hike is rated 3C a significant part of the walk takes place on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths) with some significant hills. Dress for weather conditions and wear sturdy walking shoes or boots. Bring water, a snack, sunscreen, and insect repellent. We will meet in the trail parking lot, 3.5 km from Armdale roundabout, on St. Margaret Bay Road. Please note that there is a $1 registration fee to be collected on site. Contact Steph at (902) 441 0143.

Chez Deslauriers Lobster Roll Event

Lobster Roll Dinner (with potato salad, green salad, dessert and beverage) for $12 per plate. Barbeque will also be available. Dinner will be accompanied by local entertainment, and craft sale. Chez Deslauriers Interpretive Centre outlining the history of Pomquet will Air Jordan Women Size be open. The trailhead for the Pomquet Acadian Trails (6 km of coastal and inland trails) is located on site and visitors are welcome to explore this trail system. Sponsored by the Pomquet Development Society.

A Bear’s Picnic

Join us and bring your favourite teddy bear as we explore the three species of bears in Canada. Learn how the black, grizzly and polar bears are similar. Nova Scotia black bear population is doing well but investigate how the grizzly and polar bears are facing challenges. Air Jordan 5s Meet at the Greenwing Legacy Interpretive Centre. Please note that regular park admission fees apply. Sponsored by NS Department of Natural Resources.

Acadian Forest Tree ID

Come spend the afternoon strolling through the forests at Smiley and discover the many types of trees that make up much of the Nova Scotia forests. We will learn about the differences between hardwood and softwood; discuss some of the more common trees everyone knows, do some taste testing; learn about the animals that rely on our trees for food and shelter, and much more. Dress for the weather, wear hiking boots or shoes. Bring sunscreen, insect repellent and water. Sponsored by the NS Department of Natural Resources. Scott Cunningham, mushroom expert and co founder of the Halifax Field Naturalists on a foray along the Spry Bay Trail to learn more about this much maligned group of organisms. Throughout history mushrooms have been regarded with fear and fascination sometimes revered, sometimes hated, but always mysterious. Find out what is fact and what is fantasy, what is edible and what is poisonous and where (and when) to find them. This event is for adults only. Dress for weather conditions and wear sturdy hiking boots or sneakers. Bring water, snacks, sunscreen, lunch, insect repellent and don forget your camera and binoculars. Meet at the kiosk in the last parking lot. Sponsored by the Friends of Taylor Head Park Society.

Wild Photo Day

If you would like a lesson on shooting better wildlife photos, bring your camera and join us in this educational session. An experienced photographer will explore photo basics and then help you test your skills in the park. Bring a camera, sturdy walking shoes, sunscreen and insect repellent. Pre registration is required. You must receive confirmation from the park in order to attend. Meet at the Greenwing Legacy Interpretive Centre. Please note that regular park admission fees apply. Sponsored by the NS Department of Natural Resources.

Exploring Ellenwood Park

Join Deanna Nauss with NS Department of Natural Resources for some fun and information on the nature found in the park. Explore the flora and fauna in the fall and the animals that inhabit the park at this time of year. Also check out the ecosystem specific to Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park. Participants will meet at the ski cabin/beach house. Wear walking shoes or rubber boots depending on the weather, Air Jordan 23s bring water and snacks. Sponsored by the Friends of Ellenwood Park.

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