19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 18s on the run up to the final

The strip has been specially commissioned for the occasion and will have an embroidered badge on the shirt, marking Air Jordan 18s the club’s first visit to the new stadium.City manager Foyle is already a fan of the purple design, saying: “It’s Jordan Winterized 6 Rings a great kit and really unique. We wanted something entirely different for the final, a real one off.Other Wembley merchandise will also Air Jordan 15s be available from next week with prices starting at 3 for items including polo shirts, t shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, scarves, baseball caps, mugs, rosettes,flags and giant foam hands.Communications and community director Sophie Hicks said: “The club shop will be the only outlet for official York City Wembley clothing and merchandise and, on the run up to the final, we will beensuring shop opening hours are flexible to enable supporters to visit the shop at their convenience.”We would like to thank our merchandise partners, Just Sports, for working hard to make sure Air Jordan 20s Wembley items are available to our fans quickly including our purple kit.”proceeds donated to The Archbishop of York Youth Trust.Hicks added: “The Archbishop has been a great support to the club and was at Air Jordan 16s the Telford game when we secured our place in the final. We very much wanted to give him something back and felt a

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