19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 16s My latest adventure was to Amsterdam

My latest adventure was to Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was one of the cities I was most excited to visit. The flight to Amsterdam was not too long but we all underestimated the weather. I did not expect the city to be so big. It was so easy to get to one destination to the next. There were trams, buses and taxes available for most of the time we were out. The first excursion we did was the Anne Frank House. I read her diary and saw the movie based on it. It is one thing to read on her lifestyle in hiding but it is another, to stand in that little cramped area where her and her family lived for 2 years. It was heartbreaking to see it all in person. We were recommended by our professor Silva to visit the Anne Frank House, earlier in the day because of the long waiting time we could run into. We arrived at about 9am and waited in line for about 45 minutes. It was not long at all thankfully.

After Air Jordan 16s the Anne Frank House, we took a tour of the city. Andrea, one of my classmates recommended we do it because it was free. All you had to do was meet them at Dam Square at a certain time. The only option at the end was to tip as much as you thought the tour guide deserved. Unfortunately, we missed the first tour but were able to make it to the second one. Our tour guide Lee was so enthusiastic about Amsterdam. The tour took about three hours but those three hours flew by. She took us around different districts of the city and stop at major points. If she did not point out that there was a building slightly leaning, I would have never noticed. We learned that the building was this way because of the sand, clay and water below it. Another interesting fact we learned was that the way the buildings are in Amsterdam is Air Jordan Spizike because real estate business. When constructing new buildings, real estate agents were charged taxes depending on the width of the front of the building. One of the buildings we saw was very small in width but was longer in size. At the end of our tour, we got delicious Dutch cheese. Lastly, we did a Canal tour. It was worth to do once but not twice. It was beautiful but not much was learned from it.

It Air Jordan Women Size was a great trip but I wish I had more time to visit more of the many museums Amsterdam had. You cannot explore the city of Amsterdam in just one weekend. It it’s the one place I will definitely return to. I will also invest in a tram pass the nest time instead of walking. Air Jordan 2010 The city was so big, walking was Nike LeBron 12 time consuming but was a perfect way to see the city and get lost.

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