19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 16s Carly Rae Jepsen and his little brother Jaxon

Selena Gomez didn walk the red Air Jordan 16s carpet at the Much Music Awards ceremony with Justin Bieber, but she did have a date, and her date was a girl. No, La Gomez hasn kissed a girl. However, she was seen later in the evening carrying JB little sister Air Jordan 8s Jazzy around on the red carpet on her hip. Awww.

While Air Jordan 9s her ber famous posed with his Much Music Awards winning protegee, Carly Rae Jepsen and his little brother Jaxon, Selena was walking the red carpet all by her lonesome. And she looked darn good while she was doing it, sporting a glittery gold mini dress and matching gold high heel sandals. Nobody knows exactly when Air Jordan 18s it happened, but at some point, the Spring Breakers star hooked up with JB family back stage and decided to take his little sister for the same red carpet magical Air Jordan CDP mystery tour that her brother Jaxon was enjoying with the Biebs. And why not? Why should boys have all the fun?

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