19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 16s and I believe a leopard never changes its spots

I A Celebrity Get Air Jordan 16s Me Out Of Here! Katie Price made it into the jungle all in one piece, but that doesn mean she going to Air Jordan 12s come out of it that way. You have got to give it to her playing it cool in stinking waters to earn gifts for her fellow campers. When Pricey went into the germ infested water to retrieve whatever it was she had to retrieve she panicked, saying she suffered from panic attacks in situations as such, but continued ducking her head in murky water regardless. How brave of the girl to do this. She ain brave; she has just been caught out telling more lies. Anyone with a phobia that causes panic attacks would surely have the person in bits unable to Nike LeBron 12 continue. If Cray fish could talk I am sure they would say, Air Jordan 8 Retro it the best feast they ever had with plenty to go round for them wanting seconds.

What the producers and film crew have to remember is, that there other exciting celebrities in the jungle camp which we the public want to see more of, but judging by last night I a celebrity get me out of here, it was evidently a one man show. Katie Price may well be a piece of eye candy for the blokes, but there is also blokes who likes blokes who watch the show, now you need to consider this when you next role them cameras.

Katie Price was greeted with open arms by all the campers which she said she was not expecting this kind of response. Its early days yet luvvy so don get up yourself yet. massage aching bodies and whatever else aches, now why doesn this surprise me her saying this instead of the washing up or cleaning out the dunny (toilet.) Gino conversation in the bush house when he pointed out about Katie gifts she earned. He more or less implied how people can be so stupid choosing tea over salt. Salt is vitally important to one health in the Australian heat where salt would have been more beneficial

George Hamilton seemed infatuated with everything about Katie, but George you have yet to see the other side of the pussy cat you see sat before you “Ghrrrr.” And also another word of advice you not as young as you used to be and your heart may not be up to it, so take it easy and give Katie Price ex glamour model Jordan, and ex wife of Peter Andre time to be her natural self, then let see if infatuation turns to infuriating. I can see if you don see sense now before falling victim to her charms, we may well see you in the bush house screaming I A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Tonight we get to see Katie Price in her bikini scrub up in the jungle pond which she may need a couple of bars of soap if her bits are in need of a lathering. Did we not hear last night Stuart Manning mention something being the next husband for Katie Price. Which, she was quick to respond telling him she already was in a relationship with boyfriend cross dresser Alex Reid (cage fighter.) Who are you trying to kid Katie it has never stopped you before, so why now come over all virginal if like being Miss Goody Two Shoes. I don buy whatever it is you up to and neither do millions of other folks. You are what you are, and I believe a leopard never changes its spots.

I have just watched a clip, a quick preview of Katie Price bathing in the jungle pond with a mystery camper sitting on the bank looking on. I am putting my money on it being Stuart manning, however I could be wrong, I mean what to say Air Jordan 8s it not foxy Sam Fox as she bats for the other side (lesbian.) We will have to wait for tonight showing of I a celeb which will reveal the face that is covered by the jungle hat, of the mystery person in the clip watching you wash your stinking body.

Jordan said coming into the camp just being in there again will give her closure on her past troubles. She pointed out the bed that Peter Andre her ex husband who dumped her, had slept on in the jungle where they first met on I A Celebrity Get Me out Of Here 04. I bet you wish he snored there again. What that saying Katie Price “You Made Your Bed Now You Lie In It” but this time without Peter Andre at your side?

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