19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 15s Irish Step Dancing Moves

My name is Niall O’Leary from the Niall O’Leary School of Irish Dance in New York City and today I’m demonstrating intermediate Irish step dancing. I’m now going to show you a move called a toe stand. You probably should not attempt this if you’re under the age of 12, wait until your feet are a little stronger. For this I’m going Air Jordan 15s to stand up on my toes, if you’re trying to do this move in tap dancing shoes or any kind of dance shoes that are not Irish dance shoes, you might want to go out and get a pair of Irish dance shoes and come back because for this you need the toe piece to be able to stand on your toes. So what I’m going to do is I’m going Air Jordan 5s to stand on my toe and then roll up and I’m going to bring my foot height like this. So the best way to practice this is if you have something to hold on to and to go on your toes and then to roll up. The ultimate move is where you hit the floor hard, you make a sound toe toe. Air Jordan 4s You can either do front back or you can do back front, either way it’s good. Some people like to do this in combination where you’re doing like toe walk and toe turns and everything. Air Jordan 6s But the basic move is to pull up, Air Jordan 6 Rings you want to do your foot height and do heel toe.

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