19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 14s Kadsuki Fuchoin is a kind hearted guy

Yo, yo, wazzup dudes + dud3ttes! :3 Welcome to Shido’s My Man, the one and only insane GetBackers RP. ^^ Brought to you by and Keii! Anyways, feel free to read this RP and . laugh. Mwahahaha. But. you Air Jordan 14s can’t join! Because for some reason and Keii decided to make this RP invite only. Gomen, gomen!6. This could be a long list but and Keii don’t like long lists I think. :3 so have fun I guess

Shido Fuyuki has the ability to communicate with animals and use them to fight for him. He is rather arrogant and stubborn like Ban. Caring more about nature than humans, he spends most of his time with his animal friends or with Madoka. He seems to have a strong rivalry with Ban, who calls him “Monkey Trainer”.

Kadsuki Fuchoin played by !

Kadsuki Fuchoin is a kind hearted guy(yes, GUY). Despite Air Jordan DMP his feminine looks, Kadsuki was raised by his family to become more feminine by wearing kimonos, playing the koto, etc. in order to be more delicate and able, to control strings. His family was hunted down when he was little and he had to escape to Mugenjou with his bodyguard Juubei.

Kuroudo Akabane played by Haru!

Akabane, or as they call him, Dr. Jackal, is a strange and intimidating man who fights using glowing blue knifes that come right out of his skin. He is ready to kill without Air Jordan CDP hestitation. Air Jordan 17s He is a transporter, someone who takes items to their destined location. Ginji fears him. He keeps trying to kill Ginji and Ban. .

Juubei is Kadsuki’s bodyguard and apparently, is throughly devoted to protecting him. He controls needles, both normal and poison. He gets blind later Air Jordan Fusion 4 in the series after a battle.

1. What the heck does SMM stand for?

Reply: Er. Shido’s My Man. . and Keii say, that it’s a long story. Something said for no reason whatsoever while they were having a chat on Aol Instant Messenger. Randomness. End of story. =3

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