19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 14s dont worry Mommy is here

My son is 12 and 1/2 months old. We’ve tried different shoes, multiple times and he’s scared of all of them :/. Not to mention, he curls up his toes to where I can’t get the shoes on. If I do get them on, he screams, shivers, and turns red. I know he’ll eventually get over it but is there another method you’ve used? He’s not walking yet but close to doing so. It’s also getting really cold and I feel like he needs the shoes to keep him warmer. I think his daycare requires shoes in the next few weeks anyways due to his age. Any methods you can suggest?

I just force the issue. DS is not allowed to run around without shoes and/or socks. Air Jordan 14s Allow him some no shoes time so he will be more compliant. Also, make a point that you can’t go out and do fun stuff unless he wears his shoes. I allowed my DS to help pick his shoes which made him more agreeable about it. Sometimes, check the socks and shoes for anything that might make it uncomfortable (pebbles, stray threads, bunching of Air Jordan 19s the socks, ect.)

I’m a big fan of No shoes, they are just learning how to walk and shouldn’t be in shoes all day. I just bought theses because yes, its getting so cold. and the some little shoes are so hard to put on. I went to target and tried them on her with her socks on, because you can ware them with or Air Jordan Future without socks.

I declare every Mom is the best Doctor, Doctor mom is always right. I will fix you my turkey baby! dont worry Mommy is here! I will make them listen!

My lo has been Air Jordan 2010 wearing shoes since 4 months old. He started with soft sole but for his 4 month pics we put him on hard bottom shoes. Officially at 6 months we started hard bottoms (also wearing Air Jordan 6s soft soles here and there) I’m so glad I started early because he gives me no problem with shoes. We started with Nike’s and Jordan’s and that’s pretty much all he wears (me and his father’s choice) one thing we did was double knot the laces not tight just so that he couldn’t get them off. Good luck your lo will be wearing shoes with no problem soon.

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