19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 13s just like a Ponsetti bar does

Okay,before I go berserk on this woman a met. has anyone ever been instructed to wear the Ponseti sandals without the bar? I met a woman on the waiting room of our childrens hospital and we bonded of clubbed feet with our daughters. I mentioned that my son took 2 years to heal, and that I thought it happened so fast because we were religious about him wearing the shoes. She then made a comment about how her daughter wears the shoes all the time, but not the bar very much. Alarms went off in my head. Her daughter is 1 year old and the clubbed foot wasn’t caught until pretty late on because she was a preemie and other issues were addressed first or something. So, Air Jordan 13s of course her daughter is used to life without the shoes/bar and is very fussy with them on. I would assume that she’s talked to her doctor about this. but you never know. She seems to think that just the weight of the shoes is doing some good. which I can’t imagine it is doing jack squat! ๐Ÿ™ Any ideas how to gently persuade her into getting that bar on her??

Different doctors have varying opinions it comes to bracing portion. For example, your DS would be in the brace until he is 3 or 4 regardless of how religious you are about it if you used the ortho we do. Also, I think it is you that is doing the AFO for the baby, my ortho says a big fat NO to the AFOs. He thinks they are pointless and expensive. He follows and believes exactly what Ponseti laid out, casting for 5 7wks, possible tenotomy w/ 3wk cast, of 22 23hrs/day in the brace, then all naps and always for bedtime till 3 at the minimum, but usually 4. He the Mitchell/Ponsetis are the one and only superior brace always tells his parents that follow this exactly will get them the desired outcome w/a less than 2% chance of relapse. He also says at 2 the relapse rate is the highest, so that is why 3 is the minimum age of bracing. most his patients (I have met, talked to, or actually know them), acheived the desired outcome and had little relapsing. Ped was very honest and said there controversy arising as to whether the braces were truely needed as long as Ponseti originally thought. I actually met a mother whose ortho had patients wear the brace for sleeping, then the shoes only another hours after they woke up, then take them off till bedtime when they rebraced for the night. opinion: I think it depends on the child and/or ortho. We typically give Brynn 1 2hrs out/day, usually we break that up, and during some of the breaks we just remove the bar and leave the shoes because to be honest they are a super pain to put back on now that she kicks me to death and that hurts!!! I don’t personally believe a child that was born with a mild, easily corrected clubfoot, whose parents braced like needed and do feet exercises, really need the brace for 4 years!! We will see where that goes, but for now, we are bracing like we should and so happy that she isn’t crabby about them!

My son got the Ponseti bar 3 weeks ago and still has not adjusted to it at all. He screams hours while wearing them and it is very difficult for everyone around. My son kicks and screams and you can not even hold him. Once we remove the shoes, he calms down. Air Jordan Future My husband and I believe we see son’s right foot turning back in. am at my wits end. I just ordered the Dobbs bar and hopefully that will work. something is better than nothing at this point. Our doctor said that he has a patient that took over 10 weeks to adjust to the bar. He also is not certain that the Dobbs bar will provide the best results. We know that not keeping the shoes and bar on, that we are not helping my son. This is very stressful. In any event, we are told that the child MUST wear those shoes and bar for no less than 23 hours a day for months; without fail. Then for 8 hours while the child is sleeping. son can not be the only child who is having difficulties adjusting to this!

NO, your son is not the only child refusing to wear this contraption we all find ourselves using at some point! . My son did absolutely great the first few days in the brace . I think he was just happy to have that darn cast off and let his leg heal from all the sores and such that go with casting . We went out of town and the trip was wonderful . aside from him getting a cold, he did awesome . Now that we are back home, he has had the brace since last friday and he is refusing sleep, wont sleep in his bed at all . which he was was sleeping through the night in his bed with the casts . and he will just scream sometimes for no noticable reason . He is very fussy the last 24 hours and he is just not very content . . as he once was with the casts . I am not sure if this is related to the cold he is trying to get over, or the brace . or a little of both but I am one tired mama today lol . I am going to order the dobbs bar and see if that helps him adjust . I am just a little worried that it might not be as effective as the straight bar . I think we might use the dobbs bar during the day and the straight bar at night if we can get away with that lol . I guess we will have to see! Hang in there!

PS . I take the bar off to change his diaper . and give him a 5 minute break a couple times a day . But i try my very hardest to never remove the shoes. until his one hour break . but i think im going to start spliting that break up into 30 min breaks twice a day and see if that helps him transition into putting them back on . Hopefully it works!

As hard as it is, the only way to get them used to the brace is to keep it on.

Julie I would guess the cold has something to do with his fussiness. far as the Dobbs bar not working as well. We’ve used it the entire time and haven’t had any problems. The doctor agrees his foot looks perfect. Regression can happen with either, and can happen even if you’re religious with the brace wear. However, I love the Dobbs bar. It keeps the foot/feet at the correct position, just like a Ponsetti bar does, it just has hinges to allow more movement. It’s just as effective, and some say more effective, since it allows the child to be more comfortable in the brace, which prevents the no no of parent taking the brace off due to the child crying.

And I agree with Kelli Stomach sleeping is an option. Eli has slept on his stomach since birth.

I was Air Jordan 2s half assuming that this woman sees the same doctor as me since we were at the same speciality clinic, but I guess I should double check. How strange that so many doctors have different theories and stray from the original path. I had no idea!

With my son we did the 5 weeks of casting, Ponseti brace for 9 months 23.5 hours a day, and then overnights nap time only from 9 months to 24 months and now he is totally brace free at 2 years old. (no surgeries ever)

We’re only have to do an AFO because my daughters feet are so tiny that the Ponseti shoes don’t come that small (they’re like preemie feet, it’s crazy). The AFO is just a temporary thing to hold all the hard work that casting did in place until Air Jordan 1 she is big enough for the ponseti sandals. My DD took FOREVER to adjust to the shoes and bar. She would scream every time they were on. A few months later we had her tested for a bone disease that runs in our family and it turns out that she had 2 Air Jordan 1 Retro fractured bones in one of her legs probably from when they were shoving her feet in the first time. (Her bones are very fragile.) not saying your son has broken bones or anything but it’s worth exploring to see if there are any other problems? Does he have blisters are the shoes sharp somewhere or poking him? Just things to think about.

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