19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 12s which most are

I’m kinda a germaphobe so honestly I’m not too concerned about chemicals/pesticides but what you walked Air Jordan 12s through in a parking lot, inside the grocery store, public restroom etc. I have a pretty strict no shoes in the house policy BUT am pretty shy so rarely do I ask guests or even family to remove their shoes when they come over. I hope Air Jordan 9s they notice we do and will follow suit though. Then I mop as soon as they leave if they wore their shoes inside. The kids Air Jordan 3s crawl, play, have their toys all over that floor. I also usually remove shoes when at other peoples house but I try to see if I can tell what they normally do or just ask. I didn’t use to be a germaphobe so this started about 3 years ago before then we all wore our shoes in the house all the time. I know this is my issue though and don’t expect others to feel the same.

Pesticides from individual lawns is like the least of my concerns. It is everything else: dirt and filth from streets and parking lots, pollution that settles to the ground, mud, etc. You cannot tell Air Jordan 10s me that your shoes don’t touch the ground when you walk. I don’t want that shit in my house.

We also live in an area that is surrounded by farmland. So even if they are using organic pesticides and natural fertilizers, which most are, I don’t want that shit in my house either.

We have a firm no shoes rule, as does Air Jordan 1s almost everyone else that I know. The vast majority of people don’t need to be asked. They just automatically take off their shoes when they come in. We have a bench with shoe storage underneath so it’s obvious. We have socks people can wear if they want but I might get some slippers too for the people that prefer more support than socks provide.

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