19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 12s and your pelvis

Dansko Professional ShoesWhen you wear a pair of Dansko professional shoes, this is what you get:

Extreme comfort. Exceptional foot care. The most gentle foot handling. Absolute support. You will NOT hurt after 12, 13, 14 hours spent on your feet. Your feet won’t hurt. Nor will your legs. Or your back. Or your knees.

Dansko professional shoes are extraordinarily well made shoes that are engineered to cradle your feet in such a way that there are no concentrated areas of pressure. So your weight is spread out across your whole foot.

Why, you may ask.

Well, so you can continue to feel hugely comfortable. Even when you have to be on your feet for hours on end.

Please read on to discover a world in which pain free feet not only exist,

but RULE .

First: What Your Feet Do For You

Your feet are the base of your body. They keep you stable. Keep you from toppling over while standing still and moving about.

Your feet also act as a lever so you can move walk, run, skip, jump and land back down again on the ground without hurting yourself.

Your feet do all this by constantly adjusting the position of their bones and other tissues.

Your feet are working for you, making these adjustments constantly, all day.

What You Really Should Do For Your Feet

It’s important that the bones etc in each foot are always in the best position to do their job properly. It’s important that the bones in your feet can move freely. It’s important that the bones in your feet are not being shaken or shocked out of place every time you put your foot down. It’s very important that your toes are free to grip, clamp and propel when needed. And it’s also vitally important that blood circulates freely inside, and air circulates freely outside your feet.

And Why Do You Want To Bother Caring For Your Feet In This Way?

Because your feet will be free to continue working on your behalf, without becoming uncomfortable or painful.

A vital part of making it so that your feet are pain free, has to do with how well your body weight is spread throughout your feet.

If there is too much pressure on one set Air Jordan 12s of bones, the rest of the bones in your feet have to compensate.

This throws them all out of balance and different parts of your feet have to strain to keep you balanced, and keep you moving. Blood circulation is hampered. Then all this pressure and straining very quickly becomes uncomfortable. And, usually, pain is not far behind.

Dansko professional shoes are made to Air Jordan 13s hold your feet in such a way that your weight is distributed correctly throughout your foot. They are made to protect your feet from pain producing strain.

This is how . So your bones are not jostled about.

The soles also let air circulate round your feet.

Dansko shoes have a firm, roomy toe box in which your toes can move freely.

The toe box also lets air move around your toes.

The soles have rocker bottoms which encourage you to walk and stand a bit more upright. This reduces strain on your lower back, your knees, and your pelvis.

The rocker bottoms lead you to roll from heel to toe with each step. This is an easy, gentle, low shock way to walk, that protects your feet and joints from jarring.

The upper part of these shoes is made from high quality leather which supports your feet, and lets your feet breath.

7 Reasons Why Dansko Professional Shoe Owners Air Jordan 3 Retro Love Their Danskos”I have to be on my feet all day, and they are very comfortable.” “Most of us have Nike Air Foamposite One no trouble buying shoes that feel like clouds, but it’s a lot harder to slide your foot into a shoe and predict what that shoe will feel like on the fifth day of your European vacation.” “I knew I loved my clogs after my Air Jordan 7s first long trip to the mall in them””The heel in those clogs offers the best support of any walking shoe I’ve ever owned.””Many of the stylish shoes today have very tight toe boxes, I cannot wear these due to a previous foot fracture.””They are the only shoes that don’t make

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