19 Mar 2015

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Choosing the right shoe for your ballroom dancing can be difficult when you are first starting out. There are so many different styles and makes, how does a beginner know what to choose?

First of all, why do I need ballroom shoes? Can’t I just wear sneakers or character shoes for practice?

The first thing to know is that ballroom dance shoes are a highly specialized form of dance shoe. In the same way that you would not wear a pointe shoe to perform tap dance, you should not wear sneakers, men’s dress shoes, character shoes, or sandals for practicing or competing in ballroom dance. Here’s why. Ballroom shoes are soft and pliable and will contour to your feet, allowing you to stretch and point and melt through the floor. If they are giving you blisters right from the start, then Air Jordan 10s they are not fitting correctly and you need to find a different pair. The other major reason to avoid the wrong shoe is traction. Sneakers give you too much, men’s dress shoes and character shoes give you none at all, and ballroom shoes allow you to have just the right amount. The sole of a ballroom shoe is suede. This provides enough traction to stop on a dime but enough slip and slide to glide across the floor like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. For this reason, ballroom shoes should also never be worn outside.

Ok, what’s the difference between all of the styles? There are so many!

The next important item is that there are certain shoes that are made specifically for certain styles of ballroom. In Ladies’ styles, the strappy shoes with the spiky heels are for Latin/Rhythm and the closed toe shoes with the lower heels are for Standard/Smooth. In Mens’ styles, the slight heel and pointed toe are for Latin/Rhythm and the low heel, more normal looking men’s shoes are for Standard/Smooth. There are several variations within each style that will allow you to pick the right one for your own feet, such as mesh for breathing, straps for holding in that baby toe, and arch support for flat feet. Check back here often for more information on the various styles and which one may be right for you.

It’s true. Ballroom shoes can be very expensive. SupaDance is what the pros tend to wear, and for a good reason. They range in price from $100 upwards, but they Air Jordan 2 are the most ergonomic and therefore Air Jordan 7s the most comfortable for your feet especially if you are putting in some serious time in your shoes. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend the big bucks on your shoes. Some people rave about Capezios and VeryFines, which range in price from $65 to $90. Much more affordable. You can Air Jordan 6s also go the “gently used” route and buy your shoes second hand. It takes some work but there are several places where you can buy your shoes at a range of prices. In the Boston and Central MA area, Take the Lead Dancewear in Newton, Back Bay Dancewear in Burlington, and Footwear, Fashion, and Flash in Worcester, all have great selections and decent prices.

Boston Ballroom Dancing Examiner

Danielle Carroll, a dancer since the age of 13, has studied ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, and tap, but discovered her true passion of ballroom dancing at the age of 19. She still trains and competes regularly and knows the ins and outs of the collegiate ballroom dance world after two and a half years as Captain and co founder of the the ballroom team at Clark University in Worcester, MA. Check back often for upcoming events and news on your favorite ballroom dancers, costumes, shoes, and competitions. Contact Danielle with your comments Air Jordan 2010 and questions.

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