18 Mar 2015

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Typing in Spanish oftentimes requires the use of characters not found on an American keyboard. Stressed syllables sometimes require accent marks. When a word ends in a consonant other than “n” Nike Air Foamposite One or Air Jordan 7s “s,” an accent mark is required over the stressed syllable. When words end in vowels (a, e, i, o, u), Air Jordan 13s accent marks are also required over the stressed syllable. In order to type Spanish accentuation marks on an American keyboard, people using Windows operating systems must hold Air Jordan 10s the “Alt” button while typing a numeric code. People using Macintosh computers need to hold the “Option” and “e” buttons.

The Spanish alphabet features a letter that is unknown to the English alphabet. The letter is an “n” with a diacritical mark over it known as a tilde. The ” has an altogether different pronunciation from the standard letter “n.” To access this letter on a computer running Windows, hold the “Alt” button and type Air Jordan 15s 164 or 0241 on the numeric keypad. On a Macintosh computer, hold down the “Option” and “n” buttons simultaneously. Release both keys and type “n” in order to get ” Spanish words such as se and a require this accentuation.

Microsoft Word is more than a word processing program. You can create complex documents, including technical documents and business/marketing brochures. One very.

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