18 Mar 2015

Nike Air Foamposite One Never mind

See LeGarette run

See Frank run.

The NFL is and always has been quick to jump on to bandwagons and in the past few weeks that means that albeit briefly, running the ball appears to be very much back in vogue.

It may not be back to the extent of say, Jim Brown in his hey day with the Cleveland Browns or Earl Campbell in his glory days with the Houston Oilers, or even all those great pound it on the ground running backs the Pittsburgh Steelers used en route to winning Super Bowls.

It could have been a one weekend hiccup.

Make no mistake, though, most of the offence you see this coming weekend will come through the air, the Seahawks being the exception.

Using Marshawn Lynch to pound away at defensive fronts is nothing new in Seattle Nike Air Foamposite One he has been their main offensive cog since the day he arrived but things have changed a Air Jordan 15s bit in both San Francisco and New England thanks in big part to personnel, injury and, especially last week, the bad weather.

Leaning more on the running game at this time of the year is the norm as the weather, especially if the playoff games are being held in the northeast, can be brutal and nasty and not Air Jordan 6 Rings in any way conducive to throwing the ball.

In the chill and cold or the driving rain and wind, putting a ball into the air, expecting it to be on target and then get caught is a dicey proposition.

So, if a team can pound it on the ground, it will.

In the games last week, the biggest surprise was LeGarrette Blount performance against Indianapolis when he pounded it on the ground for 166 yards and four touchdowns.

Here an easy prediction that will mark Blount career game and he never again will approach those numbers.

He may be a big Jordan Winterized 6 Rings back and all and the Patriots offensive line has improved but he is no Lynch, never was, never will be.

Running backs like Lynch are rare indeed and it would be a crime if head coach Pete Carroll didn recognize that and build his offence around him, especially with the Seahawks next game this Sunday in Seattle and if they win that one, in just under two weeks time in the swamps of New Jersey.

The weather forecast in Seattle on Sunday calls for 9C, no rain and little wind ideal for this time of year. Denver figures on being next to perfect with 13C temperatures, brilliant sunshine and calm winds.

Expect Peyton Manning to fire away as much as usual and if the Broncos get in front, Tom Brady will go Air Jordan 1s to the air to bring his team back.

Brady, under the direction of Bill Belichick, will initially lean on the running game thanks to the absence of Rob Gronkowski, but he can certainly bring it through the air if he has to. What a great weapon to have in reserve.

Same goes for San Francisco Colin Kaepernick. In big games, gameplans tend to be conservative, and the 49ers will likely try to run and then go to short to intermediate routes run by Vernon Davis, Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree. They also have the long legs of Kaepernick to chew up the yards and extend drives.

Last week, winning the ground game was paramount.

This Sunday, with vastly improved weather conditions, the air wars should resume.


Remember the settlement that recently was reached between the NFL and its retired players concerning concussions?

Never mind.

A federal judge on Tuesday denied a preliminary motion to approve the proposed $765 million settlement.

The reason is that Judge Anita Brody has concerns that the $765 million isn a big enough sum to cover payments, even though the two parties agreed that the $675 million set aside would compensate retired players for up to 65 years.

am primarily concerned that not all retired NFL Football Players, who ultimately receive a Qualifying Diagnosis or their related claimants will be paid, Judge Brody wrote in the court filing.

is difficult to see how the Monetary Award Fund would have the funds available over its lifespan to pay all claimants at these significant award levels, Judge Brody wrote.

While payment is limited only to former players with cognitive impairments, it unknown how many current players will develop conditions that automatically will qualify for compensation,

So it back to the drawing board for the lawyers on both sides if they can convince the judge that the $765 million is sufficient.

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