18 Mar 2015

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She is HerselfA main reason why Whoopi Goldberg is worth watching on The View for her original personality.

She is confident in herself. She stays true to her personality throughout the show, even if doing so is not the most popular action with the show’s staff and viewers.

For example, Goldberg has remarked during cooking segments in the show, upon tasting the food, that she does not like the flavour. She does not pretend to like items; she is true to her self. She says that she does not eat vegetables and is comfortable with being a larger sized woman.

Even if her views on the “Hot Jordan Retro 10 Topics” segments are not popular, she still says them. When Bill O’Reilly was a guest in October 2010 and upset both her and fellow panelist Joy Behar, Goldberg and Behar walked off the set of The View . Goldberg does not keep her disagreements to herself. She speaks her mind and is respected for doing so.

Moderator SkillsAnother great reason to watch Whoopi Goldberg on The View is for her skill as the show’s moderator among the panel hosts. Goldberg takes the show to commercial breaks and transitions well between topics. Often she uses funny lines to switch between conversation topics.

As moderator, Goldberg also keeps both fellow hosts and guests on topic. She ensures all guests are given adequate segment time within the show by keeping the beginning “Hot Topics” section of the show to a certain time limit. She also plugs many products or guest promotions that need to be added within segments in a meaningful way. Her genuine attitude helps encourage people to tune in to watch The View.

HumourShe is a funny woman. Known well for being a stand up comedian, this concept is not illuminating.

Whoopi Goldberg brings her humour to The View. She opens talks about Air Jordan 2011 bodily functions and the press went wild when she appeared to fart on one of the episodes.

Best of all, Goldberg never seems to get embarrassed. She laughs at herself just as hard as the people around her laugh.

OpennessGoldberg’s openness with Air Jordan 16s many topics also makes her both a great addition to The View and a reason to watch the show regularly.

For example, she talks openly about owning a vibrator and speaks with humour about being married several times for short periods. While many people shy away from their mistakes, Goldberg brings them to viewers’ attention in order to educate others and bring laughs into the equation as well.

Her ShoesIf your only reason for watching The View is to see Whoopi Goldberg’s shoes, you will not be disappointed. She certainly has her own sense of fashion.

The shoes are custom made for her and are eccentric. Imagine bright colors and wild patterns. Imagine wooden soles and large heeled runners. You have just described part of Goldberg’s shoe collection.

Yes, Whoopi Goldberg even has “banana” shoes. They are shaped like peeled bananas around her ankles.

Her openness to many topics, her ability to laugh at herself, and her creative transitions between show topics are all reasons to watch her on The View. She is one of the few recipients of the EGOT, as she Air Jordan 12s has received one each of the Emmy, Gra., Christy BirminghamPopular Group Chat Television Shows

Group chats are popular in the television world today. The list is expanding as new TV shows such as The Revolution and The Chew recently premiered to add to the existing selection. I admire her confidence. Thanks hon for stopping by Jordan Pro Strong here!

Purvis44 21 months ago from Florida Level 5 CommenterI have always loved Whoopi and I am a devoted fan I have a lot of her movies. She is so funny I think she would be a great friend I know I would laugh a lot.

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