18 Mar 2015

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Here are some home remedies for preventing the spread of athlete’s foot, curing a mild case at home, and choosing the right footwear. The following strategies can help you soothe and heal athlete’s foot and keep it from cropping up in the future. All of your treatment and prevention strategies should center around keeping your feet as dry as possible. Of course, it’s not always possible to go barefoot, especially at work. But you Air Jordan Future may be able to sneak off those shoes during lunch, at break time, or when you’re sitting at your desk. Going barefoot is best done indoors, where you are less likely to cut, scrape, or otherwise injure your foot. These products come in creams, sprays, or solutions and contain tolnaftate (Tinactin), miconazole (Micatin), or undecylenic acid (Desenex). Creams seem to be more effective, but powders can help absorb moisture. Apply the medication twice a day after Air Jordan Fusion 4 washing and drying the feet. The fungus, however, may still be present, so continue to use the Air Jordan 8s medication for three to six weeks. Once the infection has cleared, keep using the antifungal cream, powder, or lotion once a day or once a week, whatever keeps your feet fungus free. Soak your feet once a day for 20 minutes in a solution of two capfuls Betadine (available over the counter at pharmacies) and one quart warm water (skip this remedy if you are pregnant, however). After the Betadine soak, dry your feet well, and apply antifungal medication. Nike KD 7 To keep from reinfecting yourself every time you put your shoes on, treat your shoes with Lysol spray or an antifungal spray or powder every time you take off your shoes. The sunshine and circulating air will help dry out the shoes and kill fungus. Wear one pair for a day, while you treat the other pair with sunlight and an antifungal spray or powder. If your feet sweat a lot, change your shoes a couple times a day. Avoid shoes made of plastic or rubber or shoes that are watertight. These shoes trap perspiration and create the warm, moist conditions perfect for growing a new crop of fungus. When you must wear closed toed shoes, opt for natural, breathable materials such as leather. And don’t share or swap shoes with anyone. If you find yourself with a pair of someone else’s vintage shoes, treat them with an antifungal powder before you put them on.

If your feet naturally sweat a lot or if you’re participating in activities such as sports that make your feet sweat more than usual, change your socks two or three times a day.

Numerous antifungal creams are on the market that can rid you of your foot fungus. They tend to be costly, though, and you may have to buy several tubes or cans before the problem is cleared up. Before you trudge off to the pharmacy on those poor, itchy feet, you might want Air Jordan 2010 to try some of the home remedies on the next page.

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