18 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Future then pull the caliper assembly off of the disk

Because of the Ford F250 weight and its ability to tow heavy objects, the F250 pick up truck uses heavy duty disk brakes. At the top of the brake disk is the brake caliper, which consists of four pistons and a number of seals. As the brake pedal is depressed, the pistons within the caliper press against the disk, thereby slowing down the truck. Over time, the pistons and seals require attention, and the disk itself may develop gouges if left unattended for too long. Repairing or replacing either the caliper or the disk itself requires the removal of the caliper.

The front wheel must be removed to access the brake caliper, so the truck must be parked on a flat surface and the parking brake applied. The wheel is secured to the wheel hub with several large lug nuts. Before lifting the truck to remove the wheel, it is important to first loosen each of the lug nuts while the tire is held stationary by the weight of the truck. Once the lug nuts have been loosened, the front of the truck can then be raised with a floor jack underneath the truck frame. No vehicle should be supported solely by a floor jack since jacks can unexpectedly fail or the vehicle could fall off of the tip of the jack. Therefore, place a safety stand under both sides of the front of the truck, underneath the frame, then lower the truck onto the stands with the jack and pull the jack out from underneath the truck. Remove the now loosened lug nuts, then pull the wheel off of the truck to expose the brake caliper.

If the purpose of removing the caliper is to replace the caliper pistons or the seals within the calipers, first depress the brake pedal, which will cause the Air Jordan Future pistons to slide out of their bores and contact the disk. When the caliper is then removed, the exposed pistons will much easier to remove from the caliper than if they were entirely within the base of their bores. At the back of the caliper, meaning the portion Air Jordan 15s of the caliper which faces the wheel well, is the brake fluid hose. The hose features an integral nut, which screws into the back of the caliper. If the caliper is removed before the fluid hose is disconnected, the weight of the caliper can damage Air Jordan 2 the hose. The hose should therefore be disconnected first. There will be a small amount of brake fluid inside Nike LeBron 11 the hose, so a small plastic bag and a rubber band to secure the bag to the hose should be close at hand. The bag will serve the dual purpose of catching the brake fluid, as well as preventing dirt or debris from entering the brake line, which can severally damage the brake system. Loosen the integral nut on the hose with a wrench, then pull the hose out of the back of the caliper and immediately place the hose into the plastic bag. Close the bag around the hose with a Nike Air Foamposite One rubber band. Also at the back of the caliper are four large retaining bolts. It is these bolts that hold the two halves of the caliper together and secure the caliper assembly to the disk. Remove all four bolts with a wrench, then pull the caliper assembly off of the disk.

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