18 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 6s repeated ulcers

Are you barefoot today? Kick off those shoes and join the quarter million people worldwide who are going barefoot on April 8, 2010 to support the One Day Without Shoes movement. TOMS, the innovative, philanthropic, fashion forward and fast growing shoe company is promoting this day as a way to spread awareness on the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on a child’s life.

Or go “virtually barefoot” and sign up in solidarity exposing your toes. And read on for more on TOMS and its affable founder You might recall Blake Mycoskie as a finalist in The Amazing Race TV show (he finished third in season two). After the show, he was inspired to continue traveling and returned to his favorite destination, Argentina, where was struck by how many children had no shoes and, moreover, the poor condition of their bare feet.

WHAT Inspired by the traditional, comfy rope soled espadrille like shoes worn in Argentina (called alpargatas) he designed his own simple slip ons in a bevy of colours and patterns. He called them TOMS, short for Shoes for Tomorrow. His goal: Get TOMS on those barefoot kids.

WHY Podoconiosis (Podo) is a debilitating disease that causes extreme swelling, repeated ulcers, and deformity in the feet and legs, simply due to walking or working barefoot in silica heavy volcanic soil, a common practice in rural farming regions of developing countries.

BOTTOM LINE Podoconiosis is 100% preventable simply by wearing shoes. The early stages of Podoconiosis can be reversed by simple foot hygiene and the use of footwear.

SOLUTION Blake (see photo with kids after Air Jordan 6s a Shoe Drop) calls it for one. For every pair purchased, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need. Bonus for those of us buying: the shoes have become a fashion fave among the likes KOBE 9 of Sienna Miller and Karl Lagerfeld. Feet first!

I do like TOMS shoes especially that it is meant for a good cause. My father in law likes it as well, and on his birthday, he asked my wife to buy him a part of TOMS shoes. What is great about this brand, apart from being socially relevant, TOMS carry sizes that fit my father in law well. He has large feet, which requires for him to have a pair of large shoes. There is a big TOMS outlet near our house and we could Jordan Winterized 6 Rings get the pair of shoes he wants. Now, I believe, he owns a number of pairs of TOMS shoes in different colors.

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