18 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 12s meaning they can eat anything They feed on grubs

Mayor Rob Ford says he had another run in with the city’s notorious masked bandits.

“I just had a run in last night with another raccoon,” he told reporters on Tuesday morning.

On Monday, Toronto’s mayor said he’s had some “standoffs” with raccoons outside his home and that his wife and children Air Jordan 12s refuse to take out the trash because they scared of the urban animals.

Ford said he doesn’t know how many are in the city but that he lives in a ravine and believes Air Jordan 6 Rings there’s an increasingly aggressive raccoon population.

“But last night and again we had a standoff. And they’re brave. They just sit and stare right at you. And they’re not going anywhere. And they’re not afraid of you,” he said.

The City of Toronto says it doesn track wildlife, only the number of wildlife injured, euthanized or found dead. The Toronto Wildlife Centre, which rehabs sick and injured city wildlife, told CityNews it has no official count. But executive director Nathalie Karvonen said in an email “from our perspective (hotline calls and admissions), the raccoon population absolutely has not increased.”

If anything the population could be down because raccoons are battling a distemper epidemic which is killing them, she said. Distemper is a contagious and serious viral illness that affects some animals including raccoons.

Ford said “we have to do something” but he’s not sure what the solution is.

A 2011 documentary said the raccoon population has grown twenty fold in North American cities in the past 70 years and that Toronto is the raccoon capital of the world.

The City of Toronto’s website offers some suggestion on keeping them away from your yard, lawn and garbage. Click for more details.

Here are five things to know about raccoons:

They’re omnivores, meaning they can eat anything. They feed on grubs, insects, rodents, fruit and vegetables. And they’re dumpster divers which is why they’re often in your garbage cans.

In Ontario, they breed from January to April with pups being born from March to June after an eight week gestation period.

are mainly nocturnal.

have very flexible front paws which allows them to get into many things.

make many sounds including purrs, whimpers, snarls, growls, hisses and screams.

Raccoon stats compiled with information from City of Toronto website.

RoFo just hates it when anyone refuses to be intimidated by him, and this is just his usual knee jerk reaction when this happens. He runs to the media and cries and tries to get all the other people living in big homes on ravine lots to side with him. Air Jordan Future What are you going to cut so you can increase the animal control budget for rich neighborhoods, Rob? Public park maintenance for all the people who can afford big homes on ravine lots? Learn how to use the green bin. It amazing how Air Jordan DMP well it works for the rest of us little people.

Maybe you forgot that raccoons can have rabies and other diseases, not to mention they are a problem in the city because they have few predators. I have seen them cause thousands of dollars of damage by ripping open roof vents, soffits, shingles and gnawing through plywood, etc. If they get into your attic or chimney that can make Nike Air Foamposite One a mess in a hurry with feces and nesting if they don mess up your wiring.

In addition to more predators, people in the country know better than to feed them because they are cute and will grab a .22 LR if they become a problem.

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