16 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 1s from 13 to 16 How dangerous the football shoes are

The dream of pop stars drive the sales of soccer shoes. According to the ad which Nike played “Write the future”, youngers stake their future Air Jordan 1s to football match. The history of football players become famous is about 13 16 year old, teenage age is the golden time to play football. Also the bad news of David Beckham stimulate youngers to make their dream come ture without regret. The dream of exceed Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi drive them to buy the soccer shoes they spokesprison.

It is no wonder that nowadays nike Mercurial Vapor and Adidas F50 i is the best football shoes in the market. Both of them are inside high technology, both of them are lightest, both of them are stylish. All of these factors attractive teenagers to put money out of pocket. Also the speed up and comfortable feeling take it easy to get goal in the football field. All seems perfect, however, doctors are worried about prosperous market phenomena.

Football injury is the general phenomena in the football field. Because of injury, David Beckham miss the opportunity to World Cup 2010. Also because of injury, Cristiano Ronaldo will miss 2014 World Cup qualifier. It is the biggest loss to a football player, also sequela may lead to the increasing chances of getting hurt.

Recently, doctors announced the cause to injury may be football shoes. Even they are stylish and hi tech, however, the unscientific design can lead the hurt of foot. Air Jordan Fusion 4 They find out that the design of the Football Shoes influenced the torque resistance and correlated with the rate of inner knee ligament Nike LeBron 12 (anterior cruciate ligament) injury. The shoes that had longer irregular cleats at the peripheral margin of the sole with a number of smaller pointed cleats positioned interiorly (“Edge” design) had significantly greater torque resistance and increased rate of arthroscopically proven anterior cruciate ligament injury. This increased injury rate was 3.4 times that of shoes that had cleats of the same height and shape, had screw in cleats, or had a circular pivot disk on the sole of the forefoot (grouped as “non Edge” design). Someone concluded that Edge cleat design for football shoes may significantly contribute to the risk of serious knee injury. They further recommended that the non Edge cleat be used to prevent major knee injury.

From the research material show, the injury object is teenages, from 13 to Air Jordan Spizike 16. How dangerous the football shoes are! A good and suitful soccer shoe may help players increasing their skills. But an unmatch football shoes will lead the bad result. It need parents pay more attention when choose football shoes. Understanding more knowledge about football shoes and also find the material of football shoes is very important. Before purchase, you should be aware of Cheap Soccer Shoes. Maybe the money you paid may cause the worse result for your son. Also keep in mind that professional soccer shoes for training is the best, asked coach at first, Jordan Retro 10 they may give you some proposal in the profession view.

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