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Air Jordan 10s hiding your toilet

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Sure you’ve looked through lots of designer magazines and you fantasize about Air Jordan 10s a palatial bathroom. It’s so large that you have privacy within your private space. It’s your own oasis retreat far from the maddening world. You are surrounded by dark sandstone tiles and thick recycled glass boxes form walls, hiding your toilet.

A double vanity sparkles with brushed nickel faucets and surrounded by glass, your counter sits uncluttered. Gem tone candles twinkle beside your Jacuzzi bath and dried lavender scents the air. Deep plush organic cotton towels are nestled beside your walk in closet glowing with soft lights as you pad in slippers out to enjoy your therapeutic outdoor shower.

Your alarm clock buzzes, you awaken from a stupor, stumble out of bed, and trip over mislaid shoes. Unfortunately facing reality, to head to your real bathroom; nothing more than a closet with no natural light and the ambiance of a cheap hotel room littered with all the necessities of daily grooming.

All is not lost, as a matter of fact; dealing with a small space can be lots of fun and there are some really cool, even ego friendly ideas available to you, for a modest budget. That is assuming you’re not going to knock down walls or buy a new home. Come to think of it, making a few lighting improvements can be one of the most economical upgrades to a home before you plan to sell. Kitchens and bathroom are highly scrutinized by future home buyers.

Let’s get started with some lighting fundamentals. Lighting like most dcor decisions, should be functional in addition to pleasing to the eye. It’s a good guess that your existing lights in the bathroom are outdated and fail to serve your basic needs.

The three different types of light serve different needs; let’s see how it may affect your bathroom lighting requirements:

Ambient Light Ambient or general lighting helps you move safely around a room or area. This is the light that replaces natural sunlight and without a window or skylight, it would be essential in your bathroom. Considering a small bathroom space, we can rule out the need for hanging lights like chandeliers or pendant lights. Although they are typically used to illuminate space and provide overhead lighting, your bath space is at a premium. Use of flush mounted or perhaps recessed cans could be an option for the main bath area or other the toilet and/or shower. Care should always be taken in the bathroom to ensure that your lighting choices withstand moisture.

Task Light Task lighting, usually turned on manually, helps you perform specific tasks such as reading, sewing, cooking, homework, games, or working on your computer. When it comes Air Jordan 14s to bathroom design, proper lighting is necessary for the basics of grooming, whether it be shaving or putting on makeup. Task lighting can be provided by recessed and track lighting, pendant lighting, and portable lamps. Look to ensure that this lighting prevents eyestrain, so it should be bright but does not render a distracting glare or shadow.

Accent Accent or decorative lighting is most commonly used for illuminating walks with subtle light, or to highlight a key object or focal point in the home or surrounding landscape. We might not be looking for drama in your bathroom or have the need to spotlight a piece of art work. You could completely change the lighting dynamics of your bath or powder room by placing a small table lamp on your counter and eliminate the use of your old overhead fluorescent fixture. You know, the one that buzzes and flickers and drives you nuts in the morning. For other rooms in your home accent lighting can be accomplished by using track, recessed, or wall mounted fixtures.

If you’ve got a small budget to go with the small bathroom, here are a few Nike Air Foamposite One brainstorm ideas which can be implemented in a short amount of time. They might just help you take a few steps closer to creating the ambiance of a small special private retreat. These same ideas can work for a guest bath or powder room, especially where you want to ensure a nice welcome for your friends and family.

Mirrored Lights come in a variety of sizes, are specifically designed for bathroom use and combine both lights and a mirror. This is a Air Jordan Spizike quick fix to get a contemporary and stylish look.

Mirrored Cabinets can provide much needed space to eliminate countertop clutter and they also can be found to combine lighting as well.

Going ‘green’ could Air Jordan 15s literally mean a new paint job in addition to energy efficiency bulbs and simple water conservation. Small spaces can be transformed with dark colours and one of the hottest colours today is turquoise.

Cotton Towels spruce up those tired towels with some plush organic cotton ones. White against a freshly painted wall will look smashing.

Organize clutter hide your grooming and make up clutter by putting the items in woven baskets, a leather box, or perhaps just cleaning out drawer space.

Other light ideas bathroom spot lights, especially for heat and bathroom down lights may be the much needed solution for your bath or shower area. If living with your boxed in fluorescent lighting is a must, minimize its use with a small decorative lamp or at least a few strategically placed and scented candles.

It doesn’t take much to enhance your bathroom today and it just might be that first step to achieving your fantasy retreat sooner than you think.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Luma Lighting, a leading supplier in the UK providing an extensive range of high quality bathroom lighting at affordable prices. You know you have come to the right place when you browse through their collection of bathroom spot lights available; there is one to suit any styles and decors, whether you are looking for contemporary or traditional lights. Get more bathroom dcor ideas with their bathroom downlights.

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