13 Mar 2015

Nike LeBron 11 wherever they are posted

3. Make Your Ad Stand OutYou may have seen search engine results showing near identical listings for the same product, Nike LeBron 11 differing only in an affiliate code appended to Air Jordan 18s the URL.Your listing here will be just one of Nike LeBron 12 many unless you make it stand out. So bypass the standard affiliate URL and use a tracking URL.4. How Effective Are The LinksYou can measure and compare the effectiveness of the different banners or text links the affiliate programs provide you by using a tracking URL.5. Air Jordan 9s Changing LinksIf an affiliate company change their links then your existing ads, wherever they are posted, become worthless. But if you use a tracking URL you simply revise the affiliate URL at the tracking control centre.6. Affiliate Program DiscontinuedSimilarly if an Air Jordan 4s affiliate program is discontinued you just change your tracking URL to a new page where you explain the circumstances and point your visitor to your other promotions.

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