13 Mar 2015

KOBE 9 brake cylinder

The 1999 Dodge Dakota is equipped with brake shoes behind the rear wheels. Dodge did not introduce rear disc brakes until 2001. The rear braking KOBE 9 system includes the brake shoes, brake cylinder, adjustment arm and the parking brake Nike LeBron 12 cable. When the brake pedal is compressed, the brake cylinder compresses the brake shoes to the inside of the brake drums. The shoes are able to stop Nike LeBron 11 the truck by applying friction to the inside of the drums. Once the brake shoe material reaches 1/8 inch in thickness, you need to change the shoes out as soon as possible.

Inspect the brake drum for excessive wear and grooving. If any of the damage is excessive, replace the drum with a new drum. Slide the brake drum back over the wheel hub assembly. Air Jordan 23s Slide the brake adjustment tool through the rear access hole on the back of the wheel hub. Move the adjustment gears upward until the brake shoes are touching the inside of the brake drums. Back off of the adjustment gear four to five clicks so that the brake shoes are adjusted Air Jordan 2010 to the proper distance from the inside of the brake drums. Remove the tool and reinsert the rubber plug.

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