8 Mar 2015

Nike Roshe Run 8 Shoes a girl must have in her closet

Regardless of a woman’s location whether she lives in a remote exotic place, a bustling city, a laid back country or a snowy town, every now and then she must keep appearances. Formal appearances, no less. School’s parent teacher meeting, a high school reunion, weddings, christening, funerals, graduation or office parties. Whether she likes it or not, the list of events and happenings are endless when a woman reaches that certain age when responsibilities don’t just go away whenever she wants them to.

Women often run to the nearest shoe store at the last minute to get a pair of those fine looking shoes. In any occassion, a woman must always be ready to put her best feet forward.

Shoes do not only transport you to best places in the world, they also literally uplift you. So let’s see what you got. Do you have these 8 types of footwear in your closet ready to accompany you to life’s amazing roller coaster events?

Not just any pumps. It’s like the handy little black dress, you need a pair of little black pumps. Black pumps are not optional. They are a “must have” in a woman’s life. Black pumps whether they are in trendy platforms (island, double, sky high, triple) or just the good old classic pumps go with anything, fabulous in any event. Go for closed pointed toe real leather or faux with comfortable heels. Prices vary from $9 to $200. If you prefer high ends, prices go way higher. Classics such as Prada shined leather pumps are simple yet timeless. For higher heels, Pour la Victoire’s “Bliss” and Diane von Furstenberg “Grace” are perfection.

Wedges come in many forms. There are corks, stacked, rubber, glass and wood heels. What Nike Roshe Run wedges can do for your look is to give you that oomph. Perfect for casual dresses on your way to a vacation or not too formal functions. Many women prefer wedges since they are much more comfortable to wear than pumps. They are sexy, attractive and trendy. Brands like Jessica Simpson, Michael Kors, Nine West and Kate Spade are some of the top favorites.

Ankle booties do wonders for you during the cold months. They may not be as warm as tall boots in air jordan 6 winter but ankle booties look fabulous to wear with the rest of your old wardrobe. Perfect with skinny jeans, pencil and mushroom skirts, capes or mini dresses. Wearable and versatile to complete even your work or casual day attire.

Flats allow you to cover miles without straining your leg muscles and back. Buying flats is easy, affordable and they are so chic. Pointed toe flats do not go out of style. Black, beige and gray are great wear but you can play it up a bit with snake or leopard prints. Many flats today have simple uppers but the insoles are flashy. Mstarr flats by Material Girl are fabulous buys for just $19.99 at Macy’s. If you love colors to liven up your look, Piper and blue Elyse yellow are adorable flats available at Kmart for just $4.99.


Hiking or running is not a thing of the past. In fact, the more reason now to run or walk even for 15 minutes with the release of Reebok’s Reetone. The company claims that Reetone “gets up to 28% more of a workout air jordan 3 for your butt and up to 11% more for your hamstrings and calves”. Add these up to the health benefits running give our hearts and blood circulation and we got health plus style.


Otherwise known as rugged boots, a bit rustic but super stylish, these are the less than 1 inch heel tall boots that we often see these days at major shoe stores. A wide variety of choices simple, lace up, zipper backs and buckled. Vince Camuto, Ralph Lauren and my personal favorite Madden Girl are quality boots already out this fall 2010.

I can’t justify enough the value of thong sandals. They are flexible, good for our feet, unrestricting. They let feet breathe since most of the time we encase them in shoes. But since cold weather prevents many to wear thongs sandals, our feet suffer. However, you can check out the fluffy thong slippers, they are simply miraculous treat for feet. Acorn New spa thong are weatherproof soft slippers for both indoor and outdoor wear.

Summer requires women to wear peep toes to get rid of sweaty toes and feet. Hot season makes our feet smell and peep toes let air in and out helping our feet breathe and dry out. If work dress code stops you from buying these, get a slingback. Nude colored slingbacks and peep toes are very popular now so as not to outshine that perfect little dress.

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