8 Mar 2015

Nike Free Run Orlando senior health

With the ever growing complaints of back pain and leg cramps seniors especially active seniors and young adults alike should know their foot type by taking The Wet Foot Test. If your on your feet regularly this test will enable you to determine the best shoes for you to wear, then you can correct the faulty biomechanics of your feet due to the indiscriminate choice of footwear.

Walking and running has become a favorite fitness activity for many older adults and without proper shoes they are doing their bodies an injustice.

Flat feet (upper left sketch) show the whole sole contacting the ground. The low arch of this type identifies with over pronation causing the person to walk on the outside of the heel and this can lead to injury if not corrected.

feet (center sketch) show no special needs for this group. They will have a median arch with the forefoot and heel joined by Nike Free Run the lateral band. A normal gait causes the strike to be slightly on the outside of the heel and then rotates slightly inward to assimilate shock.

High arched feet (far right sketch) are the least common and show the lateral band joining the forefoot and heel to be very thin indicating under pronation and consequently not very shock absorbent.

Last and lasting: The best shoe for you

A last is a metal, plastic or wood tool shaped like a foot on which a shoe is built. Lasting is when the upper part of a sewn shoe is stretched around the last to attach a midsole and outsole. There are three types of lasts: straight, standard and curved.

Flat feet individuals the straight last is for you. The best shoe will have a firm mid sole with features to decrease the degree of pronation. feet individuals the standard last is for you. The best shoe will Nike Free Run have moderate control and a dual density mid sole. High arched individuals the curved last is for you. The best shoe will be cushioned and have a good range of flexibility.

Stand in some water and step onto a dark colored piece of construction paper. Make note of your footprint, decide your foot type then make your move to step into the perfect shoe designed just for you.

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