8 Mar 2015

jordan 7 Applying Red Lip Color

Now we are going to do a bold lip on Alex. We’re going to start by using the neutral lip pencil and we’re going to line her whole lip with that first. Close your lips. You just want to start at the bow and by lining it with a neutral lip color first that’s really going to help when you go in with the red because sometimes with the red lipstick it kind of has a tendency to bleed. So you want to make sure that jordan 7 you have a solid base underneath it so it won’t bleed. For those of you that don’t know what bleeding is, it’s when the red jordan 5 lipstick seeps out through the cracks in your lips and gets on your face and it doesn’t have that perfect flush line. Now we’re going to go in with a deep burgundy lip liner. We are going to start at the bow, keep your lips closed, and do that little “v” shape. I like doing that first just because it’s my favorite part of the lip and then you can also do this part and then just connect it. So you want to go all the way down the side right on top of the neutral lip liner that you just used and then the bottom, pull it down on the sides. Make sure you really get into that corner because a lot of people forget the corners of their lipstick and it looks weird. So get that corner. Then you want to fill it in slightly, fill in the corners, the lip right here, a little bit right through there, in the corners and just kind of blend it up so you don’t have that line because there is nothing more unattractive than a line not blending with the lip color. Drives me crazy. Now we are going to go in with jordan 5 the red. The red and burgundy lip liner is going to give us a really nice colored lip stick. So I’m using a lip brush because it’s just easier to control red lip stick application with a lip brush instead of the actual stick. It’s kind of hard to use the stick because if you go out of the lines and then it’s hard to fix it. So you want to start with the inner part of the lips and work your way out. Start with the inner part, open your mouth a little bit, and don’t forget those corners in there and if you smudge outside of the lips at all you can take a q tip and just wipe it off or a makeup wipe and your nail and just use it right on the edge and that kind of help keeps the line. Close your lips Alex. Now she’s ready to go out with her bold lip.

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