8 Mar 2015

jordan 5 Storage Benches for Bedroom

Keeping it Neat: Bedroom Benches with Storage

Corralling clutter in the bedroom is made easier with these dual purpose storage benches some with convenient cubbies for shoes and whatever else threatens order in your abode.

It makes great sense to have your furniture pieces do double duty, especially in smaller places like bedrooms, where the tranquility of an intimate space can be threatened quite easily with a few wayward shoes and mismanaged, extra bedding taking up residence on your floor.

While it’s easy to resolve the clutter gone wild in your space with an attractive bedroom bench with storage, sometimes it’s not so easy making a place in your bedroom for it. Not to worry, though; I’m happy to oblige with some helpful decorating suggestions for keeping order with a strategically placed storage bench while adding to your bedroom’s overall decor scheme.

Scroll down to peruse several bedroom storage bench options and tips for organization you’ll love. The storage bench shown in this model bedroom is available below.

Upholstered Storage Bench for Bedroom: Storage Seat with Nailhead Trim Tan Microfiber

Upholstered Storage Bench for Bedroom: Avail. in Beige Grey Black Brown Faux Leather

Upholstered Storage Bench for Bedroom: Lift Top Bench with Tufted Accents Beige Fabric

Contemporary Button Tufted Design Storage BenchAdding furniture pieces to your bedroom will have a more favorable result if you first consider your style and needs: modern or traditional? What color and size? What about texture? How will you use it? Having these answers to your needs promises a better result.

Decide whether you want your storage bench to contrast with your bedding or walls’ hue. If you prefer the bench to take a low profile, blending in with your other, nearby pieces, go with a similar color, like shown in the model room at left.

You aren’t confined to placing your storage bench at the end of the bed; consider other areas of your bedroom. I’ll talk more about this later.

Bedroom storage benches like these neutral styles will work well in most decor palettes with their unassuming color and minimal lines. The extra storage you’ll realize has unlimited jordan 5 potential; the choice is yours.

Measuring Up Your SpaceSitting Bench with two Drawer Storage

Tight spaces means more strategizing with storage. Begin with a roomy bedroom storage bench like this one with generous drawers.

You might want to place your bench against a wall and hang shelving of the same color overhead. Use woven, natural grass baskets for storing small things you’re apt to lose if not contained.

Any avenue you take in adding to your bedroom’s storage capacity should be explored in small spaces. I always think ”upward’ when thinking storage space. You’ll be surprised when you think of putting things ‘up and away.’

A small bench like this one can be the beginning of big things: creating order, adding extra seating and enhancing your bedroom’s beauty. A winwin!

Upholstered Real Leather Storage Bench for Bedroom: Cream Leather Tufted Storage Bench Ottoman

Upholstered Real Leather Storage Bench for Bedroom: Black Leather Tufted Storage Bench Ottoman

Best Selling Guernsey Leather Storage Ottoman, IvoryIf you’ve a penchant for modern or sophisticated decor (like I do), leather storage benches are ideal for your bedroom. The sleek lines and cool, smooth leather surface will literally shine in your space.

But everything doesn’t need to be leather in your space. You can opt to pair storage benches like these with a faux fur comforter or rug or lacquer finished furniture pieces.

Mixing textures makes for an aptly appointed, layered look designers jordan 6 strive for.

Don’t be afraid to mix opposites in color and texture in your bedroom; doing so adds interest and warmth. Perfect for a bedroom!

Sitting or Setting:Bedroom Bench with Storage Baskets

Obviously, these storage benches are for sitting but setting decorative pieces, throws or tomorrow’s workday accouterments works well, too.

I included this bedroom storage bench for its ideal size fitting tidily in most bedrooms’ valuable floor space and the model room image reflects ideally placed, attractive accessories.

You might want to add a straw basket like shown here for socks, hair clips or costume jewelry and a shelf above and behind the bench can accommodate even jordan 9 more necessities.

No matter if you’re a ‘stager’ like me where everything has its place in a decorative fashion, or you’re a practical ‘placer’ a bedroom bench like this one is a real boon for the bedroom.

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