8 Mar 2015

jordan 4 I Need a Time Out

I won be receiving my Parent of the Year award today. I won even get an Honorable Mention Ribbon for best rendition of a farting rhino. No, today I yelled, screamed and threatened my way through the ten o hour. I even bellowed, your shoes on or God help me I will be too tired to take you Trick or Treating tomorrow! I! AM! NOT! GOING! AS! A! HOWLER! MONKEY! daughter was unphased by my shrieking for shoes. She looked at me cooly and retorted, are not shoes, they sandals. Then I laughed, which didn exactly make my point stick.

I hate when I get this emotional. It like the ending of Terms of Endearment. I swear I won lose it, but I always do. The only difference between me and Shirley MacLaine character is that MacLaine seems like a beacon of calm in comparison. Is the outcome of shoes vs. non shoes really that critical? Probably not. But after being ignored over and over again for almost a week, I finally broke.

Maggie at Mind Moss has twins. Like myself, she struggles with keeping her cool. Unlike me, whose mind, if compared to a gym class, would be considered advanced spin, Maggie made better use of her time by reading what the experts had to say on the subject. Angel that she is, she shared some insightful book reviews on her blog. Angel that I am, I sharing her blog with you here.

People, I want to be calm and collected. I want to meditate my way through motherhood nirvana. How I love to morph from crazed mommy to divine dahli mama but so far I still bitching about my burnt gluten free macaroni and cheese. I still cursing under my breath as I attempt to chill out in the tub but instead sit on a plastic quacking duck named Jo Jo.

Another fine blogger, Blog Mama, states her thoughts on finding peace with motherhood in her review of Eat Pray Love, a book I reviewed a few posts back. She makes a very good point that thought it was a great book, it difficult to experience transcendence with toddlers watching you pee. (That not an exact quote, but the idea is there.) You can read more of her thoughts here: Eat Pray Love.

I jordan 4 keeping this short tonight, because frankly, I done. I going to give myself what I normally give my toddlers when they hot headed: A time out. My butt might be a bit big for the naughty step, but perhaps like Elizabeth Gilbert yoga poses, I transcend the pain and find clarity. Here my mantra: kids are healthy. They have not jordan 7 been sold as slaves to make money for the Gap I feeling more blessed already. Based Fleur Di Lis

I need timeouts too. I a naturally person I vent my frustrations when they hit instead of keeping them inside. And I express my appreciation and joy too. For me, it goes both ways and my gets get all of me the good and the bad.

Your questions are good ones what do I do to keep from losing it with the kids? I try to make myself count to ten jordan 7 before I talk to them if I feeling a blowup coming on. (I count to three if I in I hurry)

I a hothead, but I also know the importance of apologizing to my kids if I flew off the handle over something like, say, a pointy edged toy laying in the middle of the path to the bathroom.

Hey, I just reading this now. Thanks for the mention. LOVE this phrase: dahli mama. You wordsmith.

I don have any insight on not loosing it this week. Dear Husband was in India for 8 days and I preggo. Add a two year old and you got crank pot city. I really don know how single moms do it.

I had absolutely no patience this week with my son and feel terrible about it. The only smart thing I did do was to call the sitter and see if she extra time this week, because both my son and I needed a break from each other.

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