8 Mar 2015

jordan 10 Lenny S's Comments

I jordan 10 just got back from Destin, FL last week. As I walked down the boardwalk to the beach I could not help but notice a long row of sandals, maybe 30 or 40 pair on both sides. These were left by people going to the beach. I kid you not, almost every pair was some type of Crocs. I had no idea they had some many different designs. Alot of them were very cool looking. I keep hearing the talking heads say it was only a fad and they are dying out but you sure can’t tell it what people are wearing. I had air jordan 4 to ask one lady if she like hers and I got a testimonial. Lenny / Dallas, TXOn Aug 13 09:02 AM Nyetnichevo wrote:> People also failed to realize certain cogent points. That Crox has> a dominant position in the top 25 shoes sold on Amazon. Many of the> models are not the ugly variety that most people associate with the> brand. That Croslite is an amazing material that delivers both comfort> and hygien, and is in their apparel as well. It’s a very breathable> substance and quite revolutionary. I know we are in a very challenging> retail environment, yet I feel many consumers like myself still want> comfort, style, and an occasional luxury item that is within reason.> You don’t buy a knockoff BMW, nor should you skimp on footwear. I> own 4 pairs of Crocs and they are the most comfortable shoes I have> ever owned. They give you “happy feet” and that’s what I want after> long days of being on them.> Also, have built a nice position in the stock as I see it well undervalued> and jordan 5 certainly an acquisition target as you can be sure other brands> have taken notice and would love the type of income stream Crocs> can generate.

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