8 Mar 2015

air jordan 5 The Young and Television

“I pledge allegiance to the flag.” I remember reciting this pledge every day air jordan 5 in school. As a baby boomer, we were the generation, which succeeded the war heroes of World War II. Television was new to our generation only it was a great deal more than entertainment. It was an education the stars of yesterday in all categories, from exciting dramas to hilarious comedies were air jordan 6 nurturing this generation to tackle the world of tomorrow.

I have an article on search Warp titled “Reality TV, How about Reality Living” in this article I try to capture the mood of the real stars of yesterday and the role they played.

When I watch television today, I think about the young people. I try to put myself in their shoes and capture the feelings these young people are undergoing. Movies and television today need a complete overhauling.

Our young do not need our criticism for their negative actions for most of their air jordan 6 appalling behavior is a result of the garbage they are exposed to on television and movies. I know we cannot turn back the pages of time and go back to a simpler time and place. I certainly do not have all the answers only I do believe we could improve the material our young are subject to if we try.

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