6 Mar 2015

Nike Roshe Run Volkswagen Golf 1

Well 20000 may be competitive to you but losing 12000 of that over three years doesn’t do a lot for me. I wonder how many private users will get 73mpg on the short of short journeys most of them do. i own a 4 year old Hyundai. It cost me 5000 a year ago and had done 10000 miles. I have done 10000 miles this year which no I am semi retired is a lot for me. When I was a rep I did 30000 miles plus. After 3 years I will probably still get at least 1000 for the car so Nike Roshe Run my depreciation is only a third of that from a new Golf. I came away with cash in the bank from my trade in, a Merc E220CDI which was too big for my changed needs. I agree, however, with oliver144. As a private buy, you are better off going for a cheaper car, petrol too if it is for short journeys. A short drive for me is 30 miles, 400 plus being not unusual. When the Golf is air jordan 5 up to temp takes 45 mins in cold weather it can deliver good mpg, but it does not like the cold and winter tyres. Average winter mpg has been 63, summer climbing to 67. This is based on a long trip car. air jordan 10 For short trips, our ageing Pug 1.4 diesel will do 52mpg on a diet of cold starts. As a private buy, the Bluemotion is not going to save money and will be costly on short trips due to the DPF clogging. As a business car, the Golf is spot on.

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