6 Mar 2015

Nike Roshe Run Guide to Starting out With Street Skating

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limit my search to /r/NewSkatersuse Nike Roshe Run the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. I hope to answer some, if not all of your questions right now.

Choosing your gear

It important, as an aspiring skater, to realize that a skateboard can only perform as good as how much you put into it. If you buy a cheap board from Walmart, it will break. Now, I not saying that there was never a good skateboarder who rode a crappy board, but, for the most part, the rule holds consistent.

The deck is the most personal part of Nike Free Run your skateboard. It is made out of 7 ply of wood and features anything on the underside, from a logo, a phrase, to a simple blank white. Some popular brands for decks at the moment are Zero, Baker, Alien Workshop, Death Wish, PlanB, Almost, Enjoi, and Black Diamond. Decks come in a variety of sizes, all suited to different people and their habits. Generally, the bigger the person, the larger the board. Most people skate decks between the 7.25 8.5 inch area, but larger and smaller decks are available. To get a feel of whats suitable for you, go to a local skate shop and ask if they have any old decks you can put your feet on. You know when you found the right size.

The trucks are the “axles” that hold the entire Nike Roshe Run board together. It is recommended you get trucks that are within .1 inch of your deck width. Trucks come in 3 varieties; high, med, and low. The lower to the ground the trucks are, the easier it will be to perform technical tricks. Higher trucks are great for cruising. Popular truck brands right now are Theeve, Thunder, Tensor Independent, and Venture.

protip: it best to buy a very low weight truck. Theeve and Tensor make titanium and magnesium trucks respectively that are lighter than light man.

The grip tape is the sandpaper like material on which you place your feet on a skateboard. You replace it a lot but it good to buy a very tough grip. Popular bands are Mob, Jessup, Ironhog, and Enjoi, although Mob has worked the best for me out of them all.

The bearings are the second most vital part to getting your board in motion. The bearings consist of a racer supported on the outside by a thin layer of steel. The best bearings out right now are, by far, Bones Swiss Ceramics. Bones also makes REDs, Super REDs, Swiss, and Ceramic bearing if you not looking to spend a ton on bearings. If you still want to look into other product, Alien Workshop, Shake Junt, Mystery, and Spitfire are supposed to make a great bearing. But why would you want anything else?

The wheels are the most important part to moving your board. They come in all sizes, but I never seen one higher than a 72 or below a 48. Don worry about SPF hardness, you won need anything below a 99 for street skating. Popular brands are Ricta, Spitfire, and Bones. Although I on Bones right now, I have Rictas being shipped as they are phenomenal.

Bushings are the parts that support your truck. They are located on and under the kingpin. For the most part, stocks bushings are OK but will get shot very quickly if you are performing technical tricks. Great replacement bushings can be purchased from Shorty KHIRO, and Zero for very cheap prices.

Riser pads and rails are probably the biggest waste when it comes to buying boards. Although inexpensive, they are completely. Unnecessary. Riser pads do help to prevent wheel bite, but they add height and will make it awkward to get accustomed to if you ridden a board before. Rails prevent damage to the underside of the deck when board sliding, but add weight and make it odd to grab the board during tricks. They can also snap off in the middle of a grind and fuck you up.

Get wax instead of rails. Wax can be bought for very cheap, about 5 bucks a bar, and it will last you forever. I serious. That shit will never run out on you. You can even make it at home with butter, candle wax, and vegetable oil.

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