6 Mar 2015

Nike Roshe Run Christmas Classics

For more than 30 years, “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”, “Frosty The Snowman”, and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” have ran every Christmas season.

Sadly, some of the Christmas classics from childhood gone by are run REPEATEDLY in marathons on cable that make one regret the invention of television altogether.

Rudolph also starred in several other films such as “Rudolph’s Shiny Happy New Year”, “Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July”, and “Rudolph Gets Denied Unemployment During The Summer Months”.

It Seems So Long Ago, Don’t It.

So you’re sitting around in the living room, lazily lying around on your well deserved Christmas vacation from school and you’ve got your eyes fixed Nike Roshe Run tightly on the gifts sitting underneath the Christmas tree with your name on them. Mom’s making preparations for Christmas dinner that will involve a platoon of your moochy relatives coming by to eat free food and complain about the decor of your home.

You’re on the phone yelling at that jackass from Jared’s Jewelry who was supposed to engrave a very special tennis bracelet for your wife for Christmas and instead of it reading “To my lovely Maria, my love forever” it actually says “You can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch, good job, toots”. You get into your car to go and kick some jeweler ass and you pull onto a highway of cars that haven’t moved since the sun rose in the east earlier.

Sure, these are Nike Roshe Run the stages that you will endure before that glorious night of gift unwrapping but what is the thing that always lets you know, young or old, when the Christmas holiday is here, The thing that reaches to a part of you within and sparks off a feeling of true delight that you will treasure for many years to come.

That time Mom took you to the mall and let that guy in the beard scar you for life? No, not that.

As a landscape for practically every child of the time, televsion didn’t fail to entertain us and when the holidays rolled around, that magic box of light radiation provided the masses with a grouping of TV shows and movies that signified Christmas so well that they remain with us to this day.

Submitted for your approval: ten examples of the classic Christmas movies / shows that we all remember as kids and the message that they provided to our young and impressionable minds.


In a place called Toyland where every fairy tale character lives in reasonable harmony with one another, there is one a hole who just lives to bust balls and be a general hump to individuals that are meant to delight children in their respective fairy tales.

Silas Barnaby. A real old timey Simon Cowell type without the American Idol.

So old Silas happens to own the deed to Old Woman in the Shoe’s Shoe and he’s not one to slide on the monthly rent. With the Old Woman’s social security check gone missing, she turns to two of her trustworthy tenants to help her come up with the rent and avoiding eviction.

Stannie Dum (left) and Ollie Dee (right) work at Santa’s workshop and they promise the Old Woman that they can pull down the needed cabbage because they’re in tight with Santa but after generally screwing up a huge work order, he fires them both several days before Christmas and the Old Woman is looking for a motel to stay in outside of town. Wanting to fulfill their promise, a guy named Dum and his corpulent friend named Dee think the right next choice is to break into Silas’ home and take the money that they need to pay the mortgage.

“First you tell me Tijuana hookers don’t contract diseases and NOW THIS. Turns out Barnaby has wanted to.”sheer” Bo’s sheep for a while now and she agrees to marry him, he’ll drop the burglary charges against the two morons.

Bo agrees and the wedding goes on, the deed to the shoe house to be given up to the Old Woman upon giving her hot ass daughter to a slimy old lech but after the vows are recited, it’s revealed that is Stannie under the veil. With the first gay marriage in Toyland in the books, the deed is ripped up Nike Free Run which really pisses off Barnaby and he promises that the streets of Toyland will run red with blood. A pair of men who managed to piss of Santa Claus with their ineptitude but also helped to fend off an attack of poorly costumed monsters with even poorer costumed toy soldiers and just their wits. Wow.

Friends without conditions rock! Merry Christmas

Adapted from a long standing song, a young boy by the name of Aaron and his exploits in a time before the birth of Jesus Christ. When his family is killed (what is it with these Christmas classics?!), he’s left to wander the land with his only friends, a donkey, a camel and a sheep. He gets further pissed off with people when his camel pal is sold to the three wise men that have arrived in town for a special event.

2 ) After suffering through hardships that would crack most full grown men, the orphan Aaron persisted and never forgot how much he cared for his animal friends and when he met with the newborn king, he realized that his hate was something he didn’t need to carry anymore. The love for his friends was something much more important and the gift of music was from that same loving heart.

Narrated by the legendary dance sensation Fred Astaire, the historic hoofer told the origin story of the child that would grow up to be Santa Claus. Seems it all started in a place called Sombertown, a European town run by an anger issue filled man named Burgermeister Meisterburger.

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