25 Mar 2015

Latest And Largest Collection Of Air Jordan 13 Squadron Blue

Image Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Florida. In this clip I’m going to talk about how to tie a tie. Now what you need to know is that once you find a very good quality tie because you just need with a handful of ties you’re good for every suit that you have. So what you need to remember is that you’re going to choose colors that will combine with your different shirts and your shoes. So when you actually learn how to tie your tie, I’m just going to give you a couple of tips because you need to remember that the widest part needs to be actually longer than the thinnest part. The thinnest part should be around here so just remember that it should be only almost above your belt but not covering your belt completely. Another thing that will also assist you is that you should always try to keep, leave 5 to 10 minutes to actually tie your tie so it comes properly because sometimes you have to do it all over again so just remember to leave time for that. And another thing you can do is that you should assist yourself in the mirror. It will be easier when you actually doing all the crosses for the tie because you know exactly how it’s going to look by doing it in front of the mirror. This is the foreign hand type of tying your knot. So basically you’re just going to place a tie around your collar with the wider side draped on your right and under your right hand. Then you’re going to take each side in each hand midway down the tie, the skinny side should be about a foot shorter than the wide side. Then you’re going to put your right hand over your left, pull under and across, you’ve just established a knot off the tie by doing this. Now you’re going to flip the tie from your right shoulder across to your left and hold the knot in your left hand. Then you’re just going to make a great knot, it’s just going to come down to the tension and a dimple. You just remember to put the little dimple on it. Carefully you’re going to reach through the knot with your right hand and pull up then fit the tie down and into itself. You will see the knot forming very nicely with the dimple. Then to finish, just tie it very properly, just pull gently from just beneath the knot to achieve the right tension. Image Etiquette Consulting.

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