22 Mar 2015

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Foot is the body’s part for standing and motions,
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These functions are essential for walking, bending,
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Postoperative patients need a postoperative shoe for proper walking. Initially, postoperative patients walk on crutches or walker in order not to force the body from walking. This adds comfort and prevents further injury; thus increasing the healing process. The therapist or surgeon tells the patient the weight to be stressed on the foot. Using the crutches or walker,
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Although we do not usually recognize foot exercise to be a necessary part of our daily lives,
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Foot Exercise 1 Pumping Ankles: With rhythm,
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Foot Exercise 2 Towel Curls: Using a small towel, place it on the floor then curl facing you just using your toes. Place with increasing resistance to maintain the weight on the towel’s end. Afterwards,
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Foot Exercise 3 Simply Walking: Proper walking is needed for good care of feet. Initially, if you are a postoperative patient,
Welcome To Our Online Shop Infrared 23 6s, you can walk using walker or crutches. The surgeon will show you how to use walker or crutches and where to put the body’s weight. Stand comfortably and erectly while balancing the weight on walker or crutches. Move forward the walker or crutches in little distances. Then,
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Foot Exercise 4: Toe Squeeze and Drag: Here,
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Foot exercises are essential for maintaining proper foot movement. These exercises should be use with caution at first try. Eventually,
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