20 Mar 2015

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you a handsome dude so ppl tend to overlook the fact that it hard to judge the fit of a blazer when it opened flapping in the wind with shoulders turned Air Jordan 20s askance. And i bet that those pants are indeed too long since you wearing lower Air Jordan 5s profile loafers and you got a prominent break. I bet if you switched to oxfords it would be quite obvious. Nice crimp (is that the right word?) at the base of the leg. Someone else said it wrong below, but. hmm. looking fine to me.

Tieless is fine, but I guess. why not go with a colour that complements the shoe/belt match? A rich red or brown, would match his skin tone too. Dunno about fabric I a fan of wollen ties myself, and I Air Jordan 2010 have one that would go perfect with this suit actually, but that my bias speaking.

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